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Problem with Paasche airbrush/hose connection

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I have been using the Paasche VL 6142 airbrush for a while now. No issues.

However, lately the hose won't tighten onto the bottom of the brush. It used to. The problem only started recently. The "nut" bottoms out before the inner hose can tightly seat onto the brush. So, the connection is still loose, and I'm losing a fair amount of air bleeding from that loose connection.

Any idea what's going on and/or how to remedy this?


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Inside the hose there is a rubber o-ring that seals against the bottom of the air valve. Inside the bottom of the air valve, there is a screw driver slot for adjustment of trigger pressure. If the adjustment is set too loose, it will prevent the o-ring from sealing. Use a small screwdriver to tighten the screw slightly and see if the leak goes away.


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You pegged it.

A single turn out, the outer nut snugs up nicely.

It "blows" again like it used to.

Never would have seen it without your help.

Now, on to painting.


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