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I was at the show as well. It was very enjoyable.

@archybean: Did you get over to the Blue Angel Trans Am display? That was my brother's car. He came in from Colorado and I drove up from KC. I met a couple members of the Omaha IPMS group. I wish I had known you were going to be there so I could say hi to a fellow ARC member.

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Thanks for sharing, I almost drove up from KC, but didn't. Interesting to see them using an 'OT' Raptor for the demo. Any static pictures to share? Looks like the had a decent amount of hardware on display.


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It was one of the better shows I've been to in recent years. Off the top of my head, the static included:












A couple of Yak trainers

In talking with the F-22 crew, they are sourcing things for the demo from different bases. It was interesting. The F-22 pilots were jerks. They barely talked to anybody. One pilot even walked away from a lady in the middle of a conversation. She was asking him a question and he literally turned and walked away without even an "Excuse me". The rest of the guys were great.

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