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2014 Nats Releases From Wolfpak

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Here are Wolfpak Decals releases for the 2014 U.S. IPMS Nationals:

Sheet 72-073 – Three T-38 aggressor aircraft , two from Langley AFB and one from Tyndall. The 27th FS has a tradition in naming one of their aircraft Maloney’s Pony and the F-22 is no exception, this one from 2011. The next aircraft is a A-4M from VMA-131 at Willlow Grove NAS followed by an EA-6A of VAQ-33. The OA-4M is from VX-23 at Paxtuxent River NAS and rounding out the sheet is a support Osprey from HMX-1.

Sheet 72-074 - The first subject is a RF-4C from the 15th TRS at Taegu AFB in Korea followed by a VMA-121 A-6E on the USS Ranger. Next is a F-4G from the 52nd TFW with Desert Storm mission markings and a F-16A of the Pakistani AF. This aircraft had a SU-22 kill. Another jet with mission marks from 1991 is the EA-6B from VAQ-136. By popular request a F-16C of 421st FS at Balad and options for either a MH-53J or M.

Sheet 72-075 – Up first on this sheet is a TA=4F from VA-164 on the USS Hancock in 1972. This aircraft carried a hand held laser designator and buddy lased for strike aircraft. A CH-3C in gloss olive drab follows. The A-7C is from VA-86 with their bright orange-red markings. The F-4C on this sheet is a MIG killer from the 435th FS and is unique in heaving no fairing for the IR probe under the nose. To complete this sheet is a QF-80F drone in overall red.

Sheet 72-076 – An A-7D from the 1436th TFS at Pittsburgh starts off this sheet followed by a C-47 of the Royal Laotian Air Force in time for the new Airfix kit. Next we have two F-105G’s of the 34th TFS, Ryan’s Raiders. One in the standard scheme as delivered to the unit with the Ryan’s Raiders insignia and the second in the wrap around scheme worn by these jets operationally. The last subject is a MATS C-123B in high visibility markings.

Sheet 32-001 – This sheet gives you the options to do four A-7D’s two off which carry the Navy Style refueling probe. Instructions on how to convert the A-7E kit to these “D’s” are included. The subjects are: a early “D’s” from the 57th FWW, and the 310th TFTS both with Navy style probes, a “D’ with markings from the 355th in overall gunship grey from a fly-off with the A-10 and a later “D’ from the 310th TFS.

Sheet 32-002 – This sheet gives you options to do three aircraft from the 366th TFW at Mountain Home AFB. You can pick between the F-15E flagship of the 12th AF, a Strike Eagle of the 391st during OEF and a F-15SG of 428th FS in Singaporean markings.

Sheets 72-073 and 074 retail for $18.00 and the rest for $17.00





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Thanks for the kind words. If the 1/32 scale sheets sell there will be more. No stencils on those sheets. The MV-22B markings are sized for the 1/72 scale Hasegawa kit. Buttons will be hot on the website Tuesday at 12:00 EDT.

Enjoy! See you at the Nats!

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