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how modelling has changed for the better

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I have been following a few threads recently, both here and on the Britmodeller site, where bitter arguments have raged about the accuracy of some kits, and also some criticisms of kits for the way that they build.

For me though, I continue to be delighted and astounded by the quality of the modern kits. Recently, I have been making or even made (finished - never thought that would happen!) a number of kits that have shown me what modern kit manufacturers are capable of. Not that they are necessarily without some problems, and I am not going to comment on the accuracy, but the following have been a joy to build (in no order, and all 1/48)

Hobby boss Me 262

Great wall Mig 29

Great Wall P-61

Cyber Hobby Me Bf 110

Academy F-4B

Airfix Me 109E

Tamiya FW190 A8

Eduard F6F-5

Eduard MiG 21

I also built an Airfix Ju 87, which is more like what I was used to years ago, and that helps seal the deal, as while I would have been impressed with it in my youth, it shows just how far things have come since then.

We are lucky, and with each new kit that comes out we keep getting luckier.

Now, any recommendations for future 1/48th scale kits to build...?!


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In 48th scale numerous new offerings are to be had and at a great price either Mosquito kit Tamiya's or Revell's are both great, however the variety and amount of new tools are on a scale I can't remember seeing before. It seems the makers are reading the forums and taking cues, such as the news of a new 48th F-106.

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Yes indeed, Modern Times are good ones for modelling! I mean, all the great kits I build nowadays, it's...ah, well, all the kits I start building now...yea. OK, all the great kits I BUY nowadays is like a dream come true!

(Zzzz...blurble...so many boxes...HELP ME!...*snork*)

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Chippy, my wife has made it abundantly clear that I am not to have a stash, unless it is of make-up, dresses, handbags and shoes. So as a result they have to, occasionally, appear to be finished. To the untrained eye. Erm, like hers.

someone take the shovel out of my hands...?


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When I got back into the hobby after nearly a 30 year hiatus, I was shocked at just how advanced today's kits are over what we had back in the 70's. I did promise myself that this time around there would be a max stash of 12 kits, and so far I've stuck to that goal. With todays vast array of subjects in my chosen scale, it does take a lot of discipline not to buy every new release I'm interested in, which is basically USA aircraft from WW11 to modern day. Since I can only build max 3-4 models per year, it just doesn't make much sense for me to stock pile kits I'll never get to build in my life time. And at 66, I don't have that many building years left. So I pick and choose my next few builds, do the research, and buy what AM parts I deem necessary. Something new and interesting is always being released, so I'm never disappointed or at a loss at what's available.

The quality and fit has been consistently so much better then what I was use to, that I've been more then satisfied with each build. Some, like Academy's F-4B was a nearly perfect build, while my current build Hobby Boss's A-6E requires a lot more effort, but will build up to a really nice display model.

Gentlemen, enjoy the hobby for what it is, not what you wish it would be. Change will always happen for the good or the bad.


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If i was to build an older say raised or even "worse" kit, i`d be valuing it`s place in modelling history as a classic kit. When we build a modern tooled kit,

we can`t avoid taking into account the level of detail etc. I guess most of us just have the desire to see evolution in play, and that usually implies to perfect something.

You just gotta learn to adapt to the current situation (mentally that is) Building an old river monster should bring back, oh those GOOD TIMES !!! :)

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