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WW1 Heavy Metal

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Slow and steady progress has been made on Masterbox's 1/72 Mk.1. Female WW1 tank.

The build was pretty trouble free and I did not have the issues with the "rubber band" tracks that were reported on various websites and forums.

After being totally confused with the colour scheme(probably of my own making, but aided by the pretty but completely useless painting instructions) I have sourced colours I am comfortable with after reading a fantastic build blog by Federico Colladia.

I brush painted all the colours over an airbrushed Modelmaster Acryl base. Four thin coats gave a good result. It took four nights to do all of it properly.

Once the colour blocking was done, I lightened each colour with white and worked that colour in with a very dry brush to create some fading.

So here are some in-progress pics of my Mk.1 build snapped on my iPhone. Apologies on the image quality.








Still plenty to do!

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It is cold, snowy morning with an overcast sky during mid November 1916. The Somme campaign had waxed hot and cold for over four months with horrendous losses on both sides for little apparent gain.

Some better images of the Master Box 1/72 Mk.1 Female. These ironically are from my iPhone and not my Canon camera. It is interesting the differences made simply with lighting and camera angle. The last pic is closer to the actual colours of the finished build.





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