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Dark Sage SVO

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Well, since it’s the 50th anniversary of the Mustang this year, I got motivated to pull a ‘Stang out of the stash and have a go at it! Of course, I decided to pick the weirdest one I had; no ’68 Shelbys or ‘80s 5.0L cars would fill the bill. I wanted to do a Mustang that most people seem to have forgotten about. Clearly, the oft-derided SVO was a perfect candidate!

I’d picked up the Monogram 1/24 kit a couple of years ago, and in researching it, I’d found that it didn’t come in many colours. However, I also stumbled across a couple in dark green. Doing more research, I found that this colour was for the Hertz rent-a-car ones only. I was immediately drawn to this rare version of a fairly obscure car, and, well, the rest is history!

Check out my 4E Dark Sage SVO and tell me what you think!



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Well, it's all there: not a glamorous (but very appealing) subject; interesting colour and a fine build. Very nice work, Sir! :thumbsup:

(When I saw the title, I thought it might be one of those 'Warcraft' thingies... :doh: )

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Thanks guys, for the compliments.

It's definitely a weird subject, and thus definitely one I'd build with glee! :)

I love that, Chippy! I never thought of it that way, with SAGE and DARK being all warcrafty! AWESOME!

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Yeah, there really isn't a large number of them around. There are actually two in my city; a black and a silver.

I find them very striking cars, and they look really interesting today, pitted against the highly-bespoilered and hoodscooped import tuner cars. In a lot of ways, the SVO was the first tuner, or one of them!

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