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EA-6B Prowler

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I am making this aircraft using the Wolfpak decals sheet, but I have conflicting advise on one of the colours of the paint scheme. As I also have the Afterburner decal sheet for this aircraft for a future build, I have consulted this and this is where the contradiction occurs. On the Wolfpak sheet the main colour is quoted as FS 33475 (FS 30400 being crossed out), whilst the Afterburner sheet says that it is FS 20400. I know that both companies that make the decal sheets do a lot of research or even have people who were there help them with the decal sheets, but which colour is correct?

Another question, but this is to do with the Wolfpak instructions. All the other aircraft on this sheet have additional info and help for the modeller, but the Prowler does not. Was there meant to be some additional help with this aircraft or has it been left off?

Any help with either of the above would be very helpful.

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The correct FS is 33475.

Also of note on the Afterburner sheet are the bottoms of the wings and reversed and the aft tail camo is missing. Here's a profile that might help you.



Brian or anyone else have a clue with FS 33475 and 30279 as I cannot find these as commercial paints anywhere?

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Can anyone help with a paint source for FS33475 and 30279? I think that the latter maybe similar to the colour painted on RAF aircraft in the Gulf Conflict of 1991, but I would like confirmation of this.

That's about right, Humbrol 250 is the one you need for 30279.


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You're going to have to mix those colors up, its really not as hard as it seems to get them right

I thought that this may be the case. The only reason I asked if there was a paint available is because on Brian's instructions above he gives paint mixes for FS30279 and 30140, but does not for FS33475. This led me to think that a commercial paint was out there.

If someone could possibly give me a starting point that would be great.

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