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Hi All

I am just posting a new "Gold" Inkjet Printer here on ARC Air.

It prints "Gold" Ink on to Clear Decal,further trials on this printer will follow i thought i would like to share opportunity with other modellers to show them what is in the pipeline as far as this new technogly.

Here are the photo's,you may notice some black ink in the gold but that is from the black cartridge that is being used to test the ink.

Furthermore the more gold ink that is being put in the cartridge the purer the ink will become.

The other colour underneath is "Silver" Inkjet Rolls Royce

Enjoy the photo's






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Hi David

Its cutting edge technogly to develop a printer that prints Gold.

Since Alps went bust and us modellers are finding it harder to print these types of colours,i decided to do something about it.

The printer is in development trials just seeing what it can and cannot do,im running a Silver as well at the moment.

I think its down to Silk screen Custom Manufacturers who charge huge amount of money to make these.

The cheapest i know on this side of the pond is a company who charges for 50 sheets minimum at £8 GBP per sheet x 50 (thats 2 colours only) and a set up up fee of £70 GBP per hour and 20% Value Added Tax and then postage on top.So you could be looking at £650-700 GBP,we are not all millionaires.

The other way is the type i make,there are others out there as well.

I started making decals for myself,due to there was not the manufacturers out there.

I wanted something different than what was in the kits or aftermarket decal manufacturers.


A lot of people do not know what goes into this technogly,there are some of us who do and understand the complex nature of the Inkjet Printer.

I like a challenge,to make decals and make models come alive with the decals.

Well,i will get of my soap box now

Keep Watching




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Interested in what you come up with. Always looking for ways to replicate gold leaf on my emergency vehicle models other than the ALPS.


Hi David

Trials are ongoing,with the results getting better its just the metallic grains that are causing probelms they are very abrasive on the nozzles.

Just done some silver badges and they have come out perfect



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the prices you quote for the UK are just outrageous. You might want to check a German site - they print decals at a pretty decent cost. Just a few examples:


They do print in white, metallics etc. Prices start from around € 11 for an A5-sheet (including p&h within Germany, probably a few € more for sending to the UK) for a print-out without white as a color (probably not metallics either), for € 15 (A5-sheet) white printing is included. He doesn't specifically mention metallics in his price list but you can assume that an A4-sheet including metallic color prints (choice of 500 metallic colors mentioned) should be around € 22 without p&h. http://www.druckeronkel.de/index.php?id=1038

You will have to design the decal sheet yourself at these prices. There is also some legalese regarding copyrights, swastikas etc. - in short: no Nazi symbols, no copyrighted stuff (company logos) unless you certify being the owner (rights) and so on. I don't know how strict he is concerning the last point - doesn't make too much sense to me if you are a car modeller, for example. This shop has been recommended in German forums by quite a few modellers. There are other printers around over here for similar prices.

I just can't imagine that you can't find some printer over in the UK for a lot less than your quoted prices of several hundred quid.

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