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Odyssey Dawn Viper part 2: HAVE GLASS F-16CJ over Libya

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Odyssey Dawn Viper part 2: HAVE GLASS F-16CJ over Libya

F-16CJ Block 50B CCIP 22nd FS ‘WarHawk’

in Operation Odyssey Dawn / Unify Protector'

Academy 1/72 plastic model kit


This is my second F-16 from The Operation Odyssey Dawn series.

My subject is 90-0827. It wears Have Glass scheme. So, I did some experiment for this painting.

The conclusion is adding metallic color into base color. That makes color get darker and sheen.

List of aftermarket

- Dr.Pepper Resin Exhaust

- Hobby Decal pitot and AOA probes

- Astra decal ‘F-16C USAFE Spangdahlen’ (revised sheet: two set with two tone of gray printed!!!)

- Hasegawa 1/72 weapon set (for left HTS)


SEAD/DEAD mission with HARM.



Have Glass painting is coarse and collects stain within.


The rudder had difference color due to field maintenance and replacement.

No small inlet at vertical stab base because of BLOS radio system upgrade.

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This time I use Modern Hobbies’ JHMCS helmet with Revell pilot.

I really love it.


Besides HARM, This Viper carried GBU-31 for bombing a stronghold




DUO Vipers!




To fellow modelers, I would like to confess that squadron tail band is not 100% correct.

Because the letters is changed from Stingers to Warhawks.

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