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Just have the seat done so far......Gimme a couple weeks I am doing a 1/32 Starfighter first.

Jeez, I saw one reply here already and thought "Oh come ON!!!" I mean, I know I'm slooooowww, but...!

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Right then, 1/32 Hasegawa with some Eduard photo etch and Canuck decals to make 12748 as she looked back in 1963/64. This airframe was lost in a take off accident back in 1967 at Lahr Germany. Fortunately the ejection seat worked and the pilot went on to fly another day.



Here is a shot of 12748, 104749, 104750 and 104751 together..........


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1/48 Hasegawa CF-104 with bits and pieces from a Black Box cockpit, and Canuck decals for the Super Sonic Coke Can. 421 squadrons first Starfighter special back in 1981.




Oh, get a load of THIS photo...............


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Well.......I know there are others building. Just lucky I had a couple days off this month I guess.

1/48 Hasegawa F-104G mostly converted ( I did not bother modifying the landing gear doors.) into a CF-104. With Quick boost radar and Belcher Bits decals. Made into the very briefly used 1971- 1973 paint scheme in Germany.




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Have have only seen two photos of this scheme, and both 104810 and 104847 had no tanks. Guess they were still in the paint shop. But 847 had blue snakeyes, which I thought looked cool.

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here i am with my first completed build for this GB!

this is a representation of the MiG-21 F-13 of the 32nd Guards Fighter Regiment, Kubinka AB, june 1962. before it was delivered to Cuba by Sea in a crate. it was then reassembled, USSR stars where painted over with white circles, and Cuba's national insignas where applied.

(click on the photo to see a lot more photo of that build!)


the kit is the Trumpeter's 1/48 kit, with Pavla resin seat, instrument bezels decals from airscale decals. Montex masks where use on canopy and front wheel spokes.

metal pitot and static dischargers from Masters from Poland. decals, scheme and stencils, are from Begemot decals.

BFM colors from a wide range of Alclad colors (all faded with a mix of Alclad clear coats, gloss and flat... to get a slightly matt shine) , and dielectric panel, wheel spokes and nose cone, is Akan faded dielectric green.

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Here is my forth and final Starfighter for this Group Build. The last flown last flight CF-104D. AETE (test squadron) from CFB Cold Lake to CFB Trenton for its permanent home at the base museum petting zoo.

Also thanks to John (CF-104) for provided the missing port brake I required to finish this build.




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Finally finished!

1/48 Hasegawa CF-104 with DACO improvement parts, Leading Edge decals, Black Box CF-104 cockpit, Master Model metal pitot tube, Hypersonic resin thin tires, Aires afterburner and Belcher Bits LAU-5002 6 tube rocket launcher. Overall a very satisfying build.

Here's a link to the build thread. CF-104 Build







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Academy 1/48 MiG-21MF "Polish Air Force"

Wolfpack Design cockpit, wheel wells, fin, and nozzle; they're needed...

Rob Taurus vacuform canopy; lost the Academy clear bits...

Master Models pitot; much better design than the Academy bits--I highly recommend this!!!





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