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Hi Habu2, this is the combo of kits, PE sets, resin sets, decals...

Kind regards,


OK... this is *slightly* less impressive then... with all AM considered, i've make my stash number climb from 100 to nearly 500...

far far away from your top contenders, maybe.. but as long i'm lucky enough to have a fully dedicated hobby room (plus other storage places for my stash)...i'll be an happy man!

anyway, thanks for the thread Tim70.gif

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In the early 1970's when I 1st got back into the hobby as an adult, I bought just about every 1/72 aircraft model that the Squadron shop carried (I lived within a 45 min drive of the then Syosset store), and sadly never built the vast majority of them. I gave most of them away to members of my local club when I left the hobby in the 1980s. Since rejoining our model building hobby, I have a self imposed limit to my very small stash of just 12 models. My reasoning is simple, that there will always be kits that I'm interested in building presently available that are cutting edge technology. Just my personal philosophy, which I know is in the minority.


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