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Omega One

Iraqi T-72M 1/72

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Hello guys,

I´ts been a long time since I posted something finnished and I wanted to share my first armour kit.... as most ARC´s I´m a plane modeler, but some friends got me dragged into armour modelling lately.

The funny thing thing is that I won first place at this year IPMS Villa General Belgrano Contest, Argentina.

The kit is Revell in 72 scale, was built mostly out of the box, just added some detail to the machine gun.

Comments are welcome!!












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Very nice, the model is beautiful and the base is not base either, especially the sand dune.

Thanks for sharing,


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Yep, very cool! I just love seeing any Iraqi or any form of Esoteric Armour. Too bad more people don't do subjects like these, seems that the mainstream stuff is more popular.

Anyways great job, the weathering is done very well, the color also looks spot one, what brand did you use?? I hope you do more models of similar subjects.

Kind regards and best wishes, Sven.

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Thanks for the compliments guys!!

Sven, the base color was painted with a mix of Tamiya XF-52 and Gunze H-313, actually I had a hard time trying to figure out the what color were the real ones painted... the rest was done with Vallejo.

Regards and thanks again!!!


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