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MiG-21BIS JRV i PVO reg. no. 17157 1/48 from Eduard

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Here you can see that the seat was sanded (thinned) on both sides. Seat was sanded from bellow, too. I also thinned left and right panel to squeeze the seat in between.


Intake masked, plastic rod in place. Rudder and wings with main wheelbay were also glued.





That's all for this time! Enjoy and keep those comments incoming! coolio.gif

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That's quite a nice bit of work, especially the cockpit! :thumbsup:

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we've been waiting a while for that update... but it has worth the wait! ...so much work have been done since the last time! great work supergru70.gif

it's a pleasure to follow your build thread! you spoils us with that wealth of (details) photos! ...and very instructive ...on things to be aware of , on the upcoming steps of the assembly of my own projects! ...thank you so much!

your weathering job on the seat is very effective! i really like it! ...if mines finally look half that good in the end, i'll be pretty happy!

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In for some painting prep work... For IFF antenna I cut a panel on top of the vertical tail. IFF antenna is PE from Eduard box and this way I increased area of contact with the base (tail). Now it's flushed.


Something totally different is how to cut in a panel on tip of a thin vertical tail. whistle.gif

Is there a volunteer to paint rear navigation light? rolleyes.gif


Pitch and yaw vanes were also glued in place. You have small markings on pitot tube where to position them, but you really need a steady hand with CA glue and tweezers.


As for painting, I decided to try something new for me. As airbrush nob I followed an advice from a fellow modeler from Spain for painting camouflages which have 1-2 colors only.

He draws all panels with mechanical pencil over primer.


Next step is to brush basic color over whole model. Then he brushes lighter shade in the center of the panel and darker shade of basic color on the panel's edge.

Finally, he evens everything with thinned basic color.

I've done all of this, but ended up with very soft transitions. I think it was my mistake - I had to add more thinner for final coat of basic color.


Next evening I corrected this again... This time I didn't brush final coat (thinned basic color).

In my case:

Basic color MM1728 Light Ghost Grey

Darker shade MM1741 Dark Ghost Grey

Lighter shade MM1728 + MM1768 (Flat White)




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As you can see, there is no sign of cutting the nose. This was achieved with additional 2-3 sanding sessions and changing grades of sanding paper from initial 800 up to 2000 in 3rd session.



It could be that some of you think this contrast is too high (hard)... For now, I will leave it as it is. After I place decals, I will brush that missing final coat of thinned Light Ghost Grey. This will make soft panel, but it should also fade decals.

Dielectric panels were brushed with MM2027 Dark Green, as announced previously. As 2nd layer I added white, to fade it out.






Edited by supergru

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After only five minutes I posted those photos on Face, another fellow modeler noticed I forgot to paint dielectrics on wing leading edge. Done. doh.gif


That's all for this update. Stay tuned ... 70.gif

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Hi! Nice progress friend and great attention to details. I specially like the drybrushing on the cockpit. It brings that prepainted PE to live.

And good painting too! ;-)



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