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SPAD XIII Revell 1:72

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Hi there, just a quick question, Should the triangle be equalateral but angled to match the line of the camo line or should it be "was once a vertical equalateral triange with the lower edge cut to match the lower camo line"? I hope that made sense, the decal show the later but i've seen pictures online with the former.



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G'Day Chris, I'm not sure of your question, but I can give you an answer. It's YOUR model, so please yourself.

But, if you intend to enter your model into a competition, go with your reference. IE - if you include only the instructions with your model, place the triangle/s as per the instructions.

But if you intend to include the on-line photo/s (which is contradictory to the instructions) as well, then go with the photo, and point-out this contradiction to the Judge/s, and state that you went with the photo. The Judge/s can compare the photo side-by-side with the instructions.

I hope that I've answered your question to your satisfaction.

I don't sweat on that sort of stuff. I go with the above advice, but please myself first. After all, it is MY (or in this case, YOUR) model, and YOU have to look at it for the rest of the year (on your shelf).

Goog luck, and have fun. George, out..........

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