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Bandits & Moody Blues

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Here is the latest release from Wolpak Decals.

Sheet 72-077 Bandits – Starting with several aircraft from the 4477th TES, the Constant Peg operation at Tonopah we have a T-38A, F-7 II and MIG-23. The next two aircraft are a A-7D and T-38 from the 4450th at the same base. Rounding out the sheet is the much requested E-8C from the 116th ACW at Robins AFB.

Sheet 72-078 Moody Blues – This sheet starts with a F-16C of the 69th TFS in 1991 with Scud Buster artwork and mission markings on the nose gear door and an A-10A of the 70th TFS both from Moody AFB. These jets are followed by a F-16C from the 4th FS at Bagram with the option of building a F-16D from the same unit only at Hill AFB. Stepping back a few years we have a PBM-5 from VP-50. Last but not least is a P-3C from VP-9 in commemorative markings of VP-6 from 2011. The sheets will retail at $18.00 each.

For those interested the December release will have 3 full size 1/72 scale sheets, the Thank You sheet and a sheet of 1/144 scale markings. Enjoy


Wolfpak Decals



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