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Good News For Revell's Tiny Tomcats!

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Just a heads-up for 1/144 modellers with Revell F-14s in the stash: if you blinked and missed the sharp-looking resin and photo-etch Goffy Models upgrade sets, the resin cockpit, external bits and vac-form canopies are now available from Res-Im. It looks like they added a few items to the p/e fret too; I can't tell from the photos but suppose the nose-gear bay is still cast with the cockpit tub. I managed to score the Goffy bits a few years ago and they really bring a lot to the party in the 'breakfast cereal' scale.

Maybe the dropped flaps and weapons sets will follow...?

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Very cool. Trying to buy them but I can't find a way to checkout without a popup box that I can't translate or get thru. Most of the page is in Czech and I only speak English...

any help?


Ah...zoot allures!

Hannants stock them in the UK; Karaya are another source but don't show stock (as yet).

Alternatively, try e-mailing (info@res-im.cz) -I'm not sure if this is the RV Aircraft guy (Radek Vavrina) with an accessories label, in any event I imagine a lot of their clients are English-speaking only, so you should get some help from them.

Or maybe someone here speaks Czech?

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Hi, i naturally speak Czech - need help ? :)

Many thanks, Sir -we may need a 'volunteer' for other purposes, so don't leave town yet!

Rather buy direct and support small manufacturers.


Every time! :thumbsup: These guys are the rib-cage of the hobby.

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Got my sets in the mail today. They are beautiful! They are everything I hoped for and more. I am happy to say that the wing/flap sets come with the wing sweep bladders that aren't shown in the pictures. I'm very happy. The details are fine and well done. Casting is sharp and precise. The small parts are definitely fragile and require care and skill. The hinges on the landing gear doors were broken but with the tiny pieces to begin with, I'm not complaining. I actually find making/replacing those hinges with a little wire is a stronger means to build them. I've done that will the kits for a while and I figured I'd do that with the resin parts too.

The cockpit PE is amazing. I've wanted something like this for a very long time. btw - the nose gear bay is cast into the cockpit and it is a work of art. Very well detailed and beautifully cast.

Now, here's to hoping for an F-14D set with NACES, Lantirn cockpit mods and a few other D specific details... I'd also vote for making sets for the new Trumpeter 1/144 Tomcat family series.

Don't hesitate on these. Buy them now in case they disappear like the previous Goffy sets. These sets are a must for a Tomcat detail fan and worth it!

Now to find the funds to buy enough sets for all the 1/144 Tomcats in the stash that I plan to build. Something like 40 of them... And now it makes me re-think the possibility of doing 1/144 F-14 decals...

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