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1/32 BK-117 A3 NAVALIZED

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Hi everione!

I am encouraged to put this post after some colleagues have taken the challenge to improve the construction of this interesting model Revell a BK117

this model do trying to keep my insanity of having a helicopter in every country of America 1/32 - 1/35, and this will be the segudo after my HH-43 dedicated to the USAF

this post was started two months ago on another great forum, so please look the avences fusiosos but it was not, so as to forgive if I'm wrong in the English language, sorry, not my native language.

but perhaps more interesting photographs that my crazy ideas, so we started:

The Model Kit widely known


This model does not come with the doors open, with fine knife # 11, patience and a bit of force, start the cuts. The drivers door was more delicate, the front post is too thin. If problems resulted.




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reviewed the fuselage skin, retirement fuselage reinforcements and accessories, lamps and mouth taking bunkers, open bays and filter area. not in the picture but the cabin air intake was opened.


I started renovating the space where I put the sliding doorBK11706_zpsb3512f5f.jpg

here appreciates the space where the door postBK11707_zps3dbf5100.jpg

A) I put poles reinforcements and air intake duct

B ) installed guide cover

C) space was left for the gate guides

D) undercover adjusted the outer frame

E) as I said the air intake was opened

F) We had to attach styrene to align the door

G) snap the plastic frame with styrene

H) removal of the rear doors.


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Thanks Guys.. and, yes, I can display my plan, it's part of my crazy idea to build at least one helicopter every American country, and after paying homage to the HH-43B USAF, I wanted a Colombian Helicopter




Only bad thing for me is that there is not much information on the internet.


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That's some great progress you're making! I'm impressed! I've been lacking some inspiration and motivation lately, but hope I get to work on the interior a bit tomorrow. Next step is to paint a lot of small items in different colours with the airbrush, which I'm not in the mood for as it takes too much time cleaning and changing paints. Oh well, guess it's just part of the job. But to keep it to your update, I really like how you've done the roof over the cabin to close it all up. Are you planning on adding things to the engine compartment or will you close it all?

Look forward to your next update!

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Hi guys, welcome for looking

Thanks for your comments Rotorman, Lancer512, try to keep up.

Salvador, gracias por los buenos comentarios, y sí se trata de mejorar... saludos desde México. (thanks for the good comments, and yes is better ... greetings from Mexico.) ah.. va muy bien tu UH-1 ....

Hi Niek, moving slowly past month ... too many problems, but this hobby and my family is all that keeps me calm.

By the time of challenge I participated in another magnificent forum, I do not have time to detail the engine, I consider only include parts that look through the holes. Still detailing best hope those views. Until next time, I hope to see your progress FellowShip of the BK, jjj

Cheer to all and the best for everyone in 2015


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Hi Guys

some small advances, now I climbed to the roof, I will first occurred using an old barrel pen to replace the nozzles,


place and compare the new nozzle with the piece that brings the model, oh yes!, jjj

ah ... the picture is also seen grilles installed


Now, I happened to sever parts as the original outline of the floodgates, the idea is to score more and take advantage install the panels for the interior parts I plan to do, at least I wish .


I had never done anything like this, we will see how it resolves


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for now some progress, after filleting the trunk of the engine, to see how they solve, starting from behind.

first part, we had to level the base with a layer Styrene, I used to reinforce the upper part of the tailg


after making sure it is aligned, put the second gate, internal partitions, which later show them, along with internal motors are included,


and now the icing on the cake ... the base of the rotor, still unfinished, as I try to sharpen my skills,,, something away indeed. jjjj



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