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N71SP - Delaware State Police 1971 Jetranger

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Hi Guys,

Anyone remember the "Rescue Group Build" of 2009? Well, I finally dug out my project from the build. I actually did very little during the build. I am resurecting this build! Here are the original posts and photos to bring you up to speed:

After much thought, I have finally decided on what will be at least my first project for the Rescue Group Build. I will be modeling the Bell Jetranger 206 that was the first medevac aircraft flown by the Delaware State Police. This program began back in 1971. The aircraft is very similar to the currently available 1/32 scale kit. I am using a Testor's version that was purchased over E-bay a few months ago. Reference photos are very hard to find. The photos below are courtesy of Robert Ward. There is a replica of this aircraft on display at the Delaware State Police Museum in Dover. This replica aircraft was made from a donated military variant. From the photos below, you can see there are differences. As I am told, the replica aircraft was made from photos, and recollections of troopers and pilots who flew on the original aircraft. On a historical side note, I am told that the original aircraft sustained severe damage in a hard landing during 1971. I was unable to find any photos of what the interior configuration was like to include a patient on a back board. Later aircraft were designed so that the co-pilot seat was removeable, and the patient's feet would rest next to the pilot. I am designing this aircraft to accomodate a similar situation.


This is a really cool picture. I wish that the tail of the aircraft were in the photo. I don't know if this was staged, or spontaneous, but cool none the less...


This is the Museum replica mentioned above.


I have started the project, but as my hobby room is in the process of being reorganized. My "photo area" is also not set up at the moment. I hope to have some pictures up real soon. I am really enjoying seeing everyone else's projects and progress!

Hi Guys,

Time has been very scarce lately, thus little progress on the project. I did put together the instrument panel. Hope to place some weights in it, and do a little seam filling and sanding over the weekend. Question to anyone who has built the 1/32 scale Testors Jetranger before. I noticed that the base of the instrument panel is not symmetrical. Is it supposed to be that way? Also, I am trying to work out the logistics of glueing the interior parts to the one side of the fuselage, and assuring that they line up with the other side of the fuselage once assembled. Any suggestions? I may post this question over at the general "Helicopter Section" for those not following this group build. Look forward to seeing everyone's progress. As promised, I'll post pictures when there is some visible progress.



What you are refering to is the "Litter Kit" which actually allows you to put two spacial built strechers in. you have to shut down the machine and let the rotor blades come to a stop, then opne the front door, THEN with a lever, open the "strecher door" which takes the door post from between the front and rear cabins, the rear door has an atttachment point at the rear edge that you hook into, letting the door swing the wrong way.

THEN you remove the copilot seat, and swing the bulkhead forward. you also have to remove the back seat cushion and back rest from the LH side.

THEN you can slide in the first strecher, which is difficult, particularily if the patient is heavy...

You can then strap the patient in using the seat belts and when you close the door again, you reattach the door-post, which also has a notch to secure the strecher in place, close copilot door, and bob-s-yer-uncle!

It is a pain in the buttocks, but works good.

One of the times I did this I had to do 2 attendants (nurses actually) one sitting on TOP of the patient administering CPR, and one ventilating. Whilst I flew the machine to a different location before we dropped the patient off at an airplane...

Here is a shot from the front, showing the bulkhead swung forward, and the strecher in place





Thanks! I had no idea that the bulkhead swung foreward! It is fortunate, that I simply tried to simulate the removable seat cushion and backrest. Since I haven't glued the cockpit together, now you have me thinking I may make the alterations that you have posted. As it stands now, I just simulated a frame at the bottom of the backrest and side door post. I was going to "place" a folded aluminum stretcher on the back seat. Now that I have photographic reference, I think I will "go for it". One question though. I assume that you could do just the "one stretcher option" and use just the upper one? If so, would the rear seat be covered or converted in any way, or would the stretcher simply rest upon it? Thanks again for your timely and invaluable contribution to this project!


Not really visible in the picture, but the seat back in the back seat (holy!) is in two segments, the the left is the left and middle seats, and is take out, so you are only left with the passenger seat base and back for the right hand side. the seat bottom sometimes stays in place, and other times is removed.

THe Long ranger has a slightly different mod, and the door actually folds forward, but is segmented. It does not require the doorframe to be removed, and can be opened with the machine running.

the stretcher fits on a purpose built rail almost at the top just before the "hat rack" and is locked in place, and it rests on the bar that is visible in the picture.

The stretcher can be folded in half and put in the "trunk", but if you "ambulance" the machine, the strecher would be in, unless you were loading, as the mod, although only taking about 5 minutes to prepare is a little of a pain to do, and requires you to bring all the extra bits back with you.


I think that I'll be getting out my razor saw and sheet plastic... Thanks again!


In the dialogue above, someone said that the interior paint color was a "white with a hint of beige". Mixed up some Vallejo "Offwhite" and "Desert Sand". May put another coat of straight "offwhite" to tone down the color. Pictures will follow tomorrow. Thanks for looking!


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Not to self - "Always apply primer when using acrylics." I was not happy with the depression and seam running the length of the fuselage between the halves. So, I cut and fashioned a "floor" of 0.60 Evergreen sheet.



Still needs some tweaking...


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