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Su-27 flanker, 36 blue, 9 GvIAP, Kilp-Yavr

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here my last model, a su-27 flanker from trumpeter.

It's the ex 14 red from 941 IAP (livred in 1992, in 2001 this flanker became the 36 blue in 9 GvIAP, after he go to besovets AB and became 36 red, an this year he was modernized in su-27 sm3 and delivred to Krymsk AB).

My model represent the 36 blue in 2003/2004 at kilp-yavr air base.

I use some linden hill decals (this plane was not represented in the "flanker in the north" decals, so i use decals from 35 blue and 09 bleu to do the 36.








Sorry for my bad english...

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Exceptionally nice work; I love the 'Blue XX' Flanker markings on the Linden Hill Guardians Of The North sheets, but could only find Part 2. I think the first one has the more attractive options, as can be seen here! :thumbsup:

(If anyone has any they aren't planning to use...? :whistle: )

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