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Help: Kinetic Prowler Mold Issues

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Hi All,

I have started working on a Kinetic EA-6B Prowler (the updated kit with the single piece wings that I cut into folded) and have been working on the wing sections. The other day I cut the two fuselage halves off the sprue to begin to match up the wing sections.

To my horror, I noticed some severe mold/plastic shrinkage issues. One half there is a large semi-circle of plastic missing on the football and both halves seem to have missing/shrunken plastic behind the second canopy and the other half has a broken frame near the canopy. These are definitely not shipping/packaging breaks, as plastic is just missing. I'm pretty bummed.

I was going to try to repair it, but it will be a substantial effort and I hope it comes out ok.

I also tried to contact Kinetic via their services@kineticmodel.com but I got an undeliverable message (well it was in Chinese but I had to use Google Translate to figure it out). I sent another email to info@kineticmodel.com and that seemed to go through, but that was a few days ago and I haven't heard anything.

Does anybody know the best way to contact them? If that doesn't work, I thought there used to be a site you could buy sprues from various kits. Anyone know of that? Please help if you can.

If not, hopefully my scratch building skills are up to snuff to repair the fuselage. I was going to glue in a big chunk of kit plastic and do a lot of sanding on the football and cut out the deformed rear canopy section and glue in a more square version.

Thanks so much in advance!!! :mellow:/>


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Great, thanks phantomdriver. I'll wait until the weekend to see. I assume the info@kineticmodel.com email works since I didn't get an error.

I will try Mr. Chung next week. Is there a Kinetic sub forum or do I post in Jet Modeling or send him a PM? Just trying to do the right thing.

Thanks again,


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