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Scratchbuilt 1/32 B-17 Dio 'An Inglorious End'

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Hi guys - this is one I finished last year. It's a 1/32 Fortress, scratch built and based on the old Combat Models vacform. Total construction time was 18 months. The HK Models kit was released about a year into the project, and my build features a couple of pieces from that kit (like the tailwheel) but 99% is built from scratch. The model is fully detailed inside and out (apart from the bomb bay) and the entire thing is skinned in pewter sheet. The trailer is scratchbuilt, the Diamond T wrecker is from the Accurate Armour 1/35 kit and the jeep is Tamiya 1/35 with Eduard etched detail set. Figures are cannibalised from Zoukei Mura and the spares box.

The dio took a gold medal at last years IPMS UK Nationals. I haven't had chance to enter it in any more competitions due to the logistics of getting it there (I don't drive and the dio base alone is 3 feet by 1 and a half feet).

The diorama was also featured recently in a two part article in issues 55 and 56 of AIR Modeller Magazine - both issues are still available in paper and digital format here:

My link

The following images are a selection from those which were professionally taken for the magazine, and I've waited until I had them in my possession before creating an article here as they are much better than any I could take.

Finally, you can check out the whole build article here:

My link

Thanks for looking!












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cheers guys, I"m glad you like it :-)

Especially glad it passes muster with the American viewers. Just so you know, this machine never actually existed - the serial number is for a machine that was due to be made in 1944, but the contract was cancelled. That gave me free reign to do whatever I wanted with regards to the unit, nose art etc.

I would love to bring this to something like the IPMS USA Nationals, but I can't see it ever happening - not unless I booked a seat for it on a transatlantic flight or something!!

thanks for the feedback!


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Hi guys - many thanks for the kind words!

In answer to the question re: paint. I've always used Humbrol enamels. In this case I mixed Humbrol Olive drab with a little yellow and a little green and just experimented really. Shading was done with progressively lighter shades of the base colour. Real Fortresses seem to be different colours depending on the light conditions, who you ask at the time, the age of the machine etc etc. Everything from a purple colour to a light-ish yellow to dark green, so i compromised

like I say, a fictional machine, a compromise paint job, but it does the job.

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