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Indian Air Force MiG-21bis (1/48, Eduard)

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Hello gentlemen, I'm back in the saddle with the new project. I've finally switched to my favorite scale and topic - 1/48 jets. I've decided to take less pictures thus work faster than before. This project will be almost out of the box (Eduard profipack contains masks, PE parts) with resin wheels and ejection seat. I hope you'll enjoy following pictures as I will enjoy the building progress. Here we go :)/>/>/>




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I've done some small parts on the fuselage and wings, added control surfaces, PE parts and Master pitot tube made of turned brass which is a kick bottom detail. Now I'm about to apply surfacer on the canopy before I will glue the wind shield and start to apply black base over the whole airframe. It's a real fun to build this kit.



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Looking good! Did you use the Gunze callout for the camo colors or come up with something else? The yellowish tan color really makes the model pop!


Thanks :) Yellow color is 50/50 mix of Gunze Mr. Color, I'll write you down the exact numbers. Rest of it is Eduard instruction sheet callout. I'd use a bit lighter brown next time.


You're making me seriously consider starting some IAF builds.

Thanks mate, I suggest to start with the Eduard's kit since it provides 5 different schemes and most of them are pretty wild ones. This one is rather traditional ;)

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Wow. Love this plane, and i love the job you've done on it

I love the subtle differences in each different camo colour. How did you achieve this? was it a lighter version of the base colour or did you use thinned down light grey etc?

Thanks mate. Highlights are made with basic camo color with an addition of light grey diluted to 90% in favor of the thinner. I've made quite a contrast because filters and wash will tone it down later + I have the tonal crush on my mind.

That's a great looking Fishbed!

And nice choice of markings,the Indians applied some colorful and interesting color schemes to the MiG.21,.


Thank you, I appreciate your kind words :)

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