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Since I built a B-wing already seems logical I build the predecessor to the A-wing. This is my first Fine Molds kit.

No pictures yet but so far I've got most of the hyperdrive ring together and been working on the display stands. There's a lot of pin marks on the display stands so I've done a lot of sanding. Haven't started the actual fighter yet because I haven't fired up the air brush.

Pics later.

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Construction is complete. Canopy is on and masked. Awaiting paint. Work has annihilated me (thanks christmas) so I've had little to no time or energy to do anything. I can't remember when this GB ends but hopefully not January or I'm not going to make it.

Nothing to see so no pics.

I plan on painting everything racing white which is a creamy white color. Then will apply all decals and start weathering. Weathering is where all the magic will be. At least that's the plan.

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So the decals are horrible. I think. I'm not real sure yet.

I started with 3 on the hyperdrive ring. The first one didn't really fit. Then they're very brittle and not so responsive to the solvent. I hit them with multiple solvent passes and heat and now will leave them for hours to see how they react. Not looking forward to masking if that's the route id have to go.

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Well my first fine molds kit is ending in disaster. I'm officially giving up on it. The decals are absolute crap. They don't fit, there's hundreds of them, and when you try to get them to adhere and somewhat fill the space they're for they just rip and tear. So I'm done. I'll come back to this and try to mask and paint everything but for now it's going in the box disgusted.

Has everyone had these issues or did I get bad decals? Are all fm decals like this? Blech.

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