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1/48 Eduard's MiG-21's

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little weekly week-end update...

projects are progressing slowly...as usual... but i nonetheless manage to find some time for modelling...usually half an hour a day... late late at night...

first, i've done a camo job on a MiG-21bis. inspired by some photos found on the web (copyrighted by RobertS) ...this subject will probably be bort Red 27

all the camo jobs have been done freehand, using Akan...and model master colors (i didn't have all the required colors in the Akan range...) ...i've done some mixing, to match, as close as possible, the very few colors photos i've seen of the subject...

here's what it look like... i'll have some little touch-ups to do here and there, but overall, i'm rather pleased by the result:





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i've also done some touch-ups on other model as well...

also painted some underside surfaces on 3 other models...

and darkens a little the lighter green on my MiG-21SM: (it was a bit too bright to my taste...


added the required brown patch on both sides of the nose of my MiG-21R:


and just did the underside on my PFM


that's all for today...

thank you for looking

hope you appreciate

and as usual, comments are welcome and appreciated!



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still doing some more camo job on my MiG's...

here's one of my SMT with a scheme inspired by pictures seen in a book (famous russian aircraft MiG-21) but also seen some (color) photos on the web (even, if rather rare) of an aircraft that was in service (in opposition to derelict airframes and museum repainted ones)

i have to do some touch ups to green areas (both darker and lighter ones) and do the underside... but it should look pretty close to this in the end:





the other side...





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my other camouflaged SMT will have a rather different scheme... not as elaborated...

i still have some job to do on it to make it look more convincing... darken it a little...



my two camouflaged SMT next to each other...(there will be a BMF one... but haven't done the paint job yet... so it's still black primed...)


and here's an overview of some of my colorful builds...



and the other way around...


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that's all for today

hope you enjoy your visit!

have a nice modelling time

and see you soon!



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Nice work! Are you a hobbyist or a masochist? ;) You have my respect for taking on such a large project.

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Hi, Any updates to these wonderful models?



6 months later... yes... there is small progress since then... i'm now decaling my models

no photos yet, sorry.

inbetween then and now i've had a busy summer that culminate with my wedding!...then after honeymoon... then slowly going back to normal... and now, back to my Fishbed projects!

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like this old thread that i post in, despite the dust...

i'll need to remove some dust collected on those nice MiGs...


decals have been put more than a month ago... maybe two... and need to be cleaned prior to any work... (clearcoat, washes...seal...whitout forgetting some more paint, dielectric panels, etc.)


at least, all decals of the fuselage are there... certainly more than a hundred stencils...

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there's also a second mig that have all is decals on.

that one have already been cleaned a little as i've just finished the decal job!


really liked how it turned... will look way better when finished! ...and again, hundreds of stencils...


that will be all for today!

see you later!

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