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1/48 CP-140M Aurora -

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Great to see this back on the burner Mark. I had hoped that you starting yours we would have seen one in plastic by now. Well let's hope you finish yours. Also was not aware of any update sets by Black Dog for the Orion. CMK too? Now I have to go see what is out there. I have 3 of the Hasegawa/Reveal kits that I want to get going on.

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Thanks Gents.


The CMR interior detail set for the traditional P-3 setup is readily available again. As for the Black Dog sets, there are: 


-1 x engine set (for an inner engine nacelle to be opened up); 

-2 x engine set (same as above, just 2 of them); 

-bomb-bay set; 

-flap set; 

-radar set; and

-Big Set (with all the items)


Quick Boost also have come out with a blade and spinner set with an alignment tool.


Here is a link to scalemates for a P-3 search in 1/72:


The Black Dog sets are listed as a UP-3D:


(scroll down and you'll see all the items available)


My plan is (once they are here) to do a comparison of some of the above mentioned sets that I ordered along with the Eduard interior set. Off the hop, the CMR and Black Dog Bomb bays are leaps and bounds ahead of the Eduard set, solely because of the limitations of the (pretty much) 2D PE vs. a resin casting. As the 1/72 build progresses the in box review will turn into a build review, but it is very likely it will be a combination of the best aspects of the kits. 


More to come soon on that hopefully early in the new year. 


Specifically talking about this 1/48 build, I've had the good fortune of being able to study the approach to the build more thoroughly. Lighting kits for example have come a long way since the inception of this idea (hint-hint). But more than that, the flexibility with 3D printing, as well as general model supplies has grown to the point where this build will become easier. The ridiculous amount of stencils that will be required will also hopefully be a bit more stress free with more options being made available. 


At the end of the day though, the first question I'm going to have to answer for myself, is whether or not there is any aspect of the ID models vac kit that I want to use or do I simply just scrap it and start fresh. That's going to be the major hurdle to overcome. 




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Thank you so much Mark for your insight. I forgot I should go to Scalemates before I even ask a question. Have to remember that the site is a gold mine of information.


I am normally a 1/48th builder and have several models in that scale of the big ones like the C-130, B-24, B-17 and the B-1 so a 1/48th P-3 is a must. I do draw the line at a 1/48th B-52 though.


As for your journey, I guess you have to ask if it is worth it or would you just get more frustrated working on it?



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I honestly cannot believe that in a day and age of 1/32 B-17s, Lancasters and others, with manufacturers making so many unique and rare aircraft as models, that an aircraft like the P-3 platform hasn't been made in 1/48. So many different paint schemes and variants that would be available. This platform would be a gold mine for decal and aftermarket manufacturers as well as for the model manufacturer as well with a single platform being able to be offered in many different variants.... mind boggling why no one would make this! 


Well, the answer came last night while pouring over things both in the past posts on this thread as well as looking at a few parts made. My mind is made up. Suffice to say I've sourced out the wood to start making masters and designs on a vac-form table large enough for a single piece fuselage half to be made. 


I've decided to avoid some of the uncontrollable variables of plastic sheets stretching over the master that I'm going to venture into making a female cast of the master and have the outside of the fuselage/wings/surfaces match the outside dimensions. So, please hold out with me for a bit until the wood shows up and I start shaping the fuselage. I'm going to need to pull out the old measuring tape and get some more dimensions as well.


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Happy holidays everyone. A bit late, but such is life, right? 

So I'm going to venture out and try something different for the masters for this kit. Rather than going through the route of making a wooden/clay master and vac-forming the pieces, I'm going to see if there is any viability in using a 3D printer. Having all the measurements I've previously taken, it shouldn't be too difficult to get something up and printed. 

Pictures soon, I hope! 


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Bravo, Mark! 

That's the spirit!  In fact, 3-D printing may be the way to go.  Then you could scale it up to 1/32, 1/24, and eventually, 1/1 scale! (just kidding on the last one.)  Be aware that most 3-D printers may not have a large enough print table to fit an entire fuselage; it may have to be sectioned, but you could then do it as a nose section, mid fuselage, and tail section. Also be aware of certain online 3-D print services whose plastic products degrade dramatically over time into crystalline goop (see 3-D print threads on ARC).  Having said that, I encourage you!  While I am a P-3 advocate, 1/48 is a little large for me.  I do have ~40 1/144 kits and I am thinking of creating 3-D print mods for several of the more specialized aircraft and mundane ordnance etc... that is currently unavailable in this scale.  Carry on! 

R/ Dutch 

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