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It's also 1/32nd scale.


Its actually 1/35. One of the few they actually did in 1/35. I have seen people who want the old kit for nostalgia use Tamiya 1/35 parts on it to bring it up to date. The Tamiya parts fit perfectly and are the exact same size as the Revell parts.

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I like the Tamiya kit myself. They can be picked up for dirt cheap if you are patient and not picky as to if it's mint/sealed or opened/unstarted (my last one came from Ebay for under $15 USD not that long ago). I know, it rides slightly high on its tracks (fixable but time consuming), the old motorization holes need to be filled (fairly straight forward...but also time consuming), some minor conversion to make it a true Vietnam era machine if that's what you're aiming for, and it could use some added details here and there but nothing that a PE fret or some good old fashioned scratch building can't take care of. Some argue the turret sits too low but I tend to disagree. It sounds like a lot of work but nothing too out of the ordinary for a tank build using a kit of the 70's and 80's era. Besides, it really is fun...to me at least...and highly rewarding. But honestly, even straight OOB it looks like an M48 to the vast majority of those who will actually be viewing it. So, as always in this hobby, the decision is up to the builder just how far he/she wants to take their build.

Dragon makes an M48 but I haven't seen one with my own eyes to comment. I have just read about it online. But it will cost more and odds are you will still end up buying AM materials...don't we all :rolleyes:

Good luck and enjoy!

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