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He-111 recommendations. 1/32

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Hi all thinking of doing a Heinkel 111 ( not sure what version yet ). But looking for some advice with kits, and aftermarket suggestion.

Thinking that eduard masks are essential, thoughts.

Also whats the difference between the Revell and the Monogram?

Many thanks.

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Can't help with aftermarket items but here are the parts for the RM 1/32 He-111 kits:





The H-6 one offers a more variety of bomb loads, while still having the original bomb bay load.


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The basic airframe is the same for these two. The primary differences are the engines (and cowlings) and props. As Finn noted, the H-6 has more ordnance options (the P kit features only the internal bomb bay and SC250s).

The P, because it used the same engines as needed for Bf 109 production, was phased out rather early. It also has the thinner, metal prop blades. To simplify supply & maintenance, the P's use was restricted to only SOME of the Heinkel-equipped Geschwadern, [i.e., KG 4, KG 27, KG 54, KG 55] and in any case, later replaced by H models. If you wish a Battle of Britain-vintage machine, go with the P, as the H-6 came AFTERWARD - logbook entries begin in late April/May 1941, and losses with KG 26 begin turning up in June. The H-6 by Revell-Germany has external racks for larger-than 250kg bombs, and and also includes two torpedoes, but you should be aware that the Germans came rather late to the torpedo-dropping game, so KG 26 is your only choice there. It also includes the broader (wooden) prop blades.

You can download the instructions to these on the Revell-Gemany website if you want to look them over.

I've thought about these Revell kits, but WHEW! they are SO big when finished. Good luck in your decision, GRM

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