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More F-16 details sets ?

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For the 1:32 F-16 kits, a set of superdetailed 16S210 Sidewinder launchers would be most welcome. Those are lacking in the Tamiya F-16CJ Block 50 and F-16C Block 25/32 kits for the underwing stations 2/8. Only a pair is included in the Block 25/32 kit (the one with Thunderbirs decals) for the wingtip stations 1/9, but were often carried on the underwing stations, too.

The Block 40/50 have the updated LAU-129 on the wingtips, but often the 16S210 was used for the AIM-9M underwing stations.

Zactoman has some very nice AIM-9M Sidewinders available. It would be great to get some launchers for hanging those on a 1:32 F-16C.


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1/32 scale MCID (big mouth) intake to replace the horrendous one in the Academy Viper kit. We have the NSI intake, I know there are a boatload of folks waiting for the MCID intake.

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Mind if I make a suggestion or two.

(1) A corrected vertical tail base for the Academy / AFV kits, "get rid of the triangular look"

(2) A vertical tail base for the 32nd Tamiya kit with the BLOS mod panel incorporated as part of the base.

And last, 1/32nd Pratt nozzles opened and closed for the Tamiya kit would sure be welcomed!

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