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What's some of the absolute worst box art you've seen on model kits?

MiniHobbyModels reboxed that ancient 1/144 MiG-25 years ago, and whoever painted the art for it evidently was just given a vague description of a jet in general:


Who knew Belenko defected to the west in a giant grey summer sausage with perfectly square wings and vertical stabilizers. Anybody else know of any particularly bad kit artwork- jet, armor, car, etc?

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Back in the 50s Lindberg turned out what they thought was representative of the MiG-19, a singularly horrid bit of plastic which they later marketed as a 'Russian Fighter'. Later, somehow, the molds were shipped to Russia, and the box art on them is terrible, bearing absolutely no relation to the contents other than the fact that they both have all the requisite parts of an aircraft :


The illustration on the instruction sheet is even worse:


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Rear half of the fuselage appears a bit, shall we say, truncated? And those horizontal stabilisers on the Spitfire just look like slabs.


And another looker probably from the same artist;


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