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1/72 MARS recon pod?

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yes, i did try to google it first. Is there anyone or place that offers a 1/72 MARS pod?

You can buy the basic pod from Dangerous in Taiwan, I bought mine on Ebay. Here's a review:

Dangerous CO72001 - TARS Pod

That pod had several versions, including the MARS pod. In this forum thread it's explained using a section from an article that I wrote in 2006:

F-16 MARS recce pod

I'm pretty sure that modeler Arie Vos converted the 'Dangerous' TARS into a MARS, and sold resin copies a few years ago. If you want to do the modification yourself, I can send a drawing showing the camera windows at the bottom, and the details on the right side (robdebie xs4all nl).


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