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Hobbycraft CF-100 Mk IV 440 Sqn 1-72nd Obscureco Resin

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Dark sea gray is on, was given the usual treatment of lighter shades inside the panels and overspray of base color very diluted...will wait 24 hours before masking for the dark green... will also need some work on the front windscreen fairing in with the fuselage...



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Got some work done during the World Juniors hockey game... masked-up the top side and painted the dark green, with some light shading... got a few corrections to make tomorrow along with the black de-cing boots and anti-glare panel... Used the usual blue tack and tamiya tape.

Very satisfied with the Gunze paint colors.




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I thought I managed to do ok with my CF-100 builds. You, sir, are kicking my arse to the curb. This build is looking fantastic Yves. Very well done.


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Ready for gloss coat...

I am really happy with the demarcation line between the top colors, I rolled up the blue tac into smaller strips than I usually do for 1-48th, and it came out very tight... only two touch-ups were required... The Canuck model decals camo pattern did not include the wing tanks, which granted, were rarely seen on European Clunks, still, there was a good photo in Milberry's book which showed the inner quarter of the tanks in flat black...









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Got most of the Canuck decals on the ... Canuck. They went on fine but are very thin and need to be moved around on a bed of water or they will tear... Only one remaining, the numbers on the fron gear are too wide, even with my wider scratch gear door... will look for some smaller numbers... there are also 3 or 4 stencils which do not have any call outs on the instructions.






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After a few emails to Dave Winter at Canuck, I figured out that I was correct in thinking the front gear door not wide enough. He sized the numbers according to the specs and not the kit, so... I found some smaller ones, not to spec, but they fit the kit...

I managed to highlight the panel lines with Testors gloss black thinned in Testors thinner, worked great. I found that removal of the wash with a T shirt dulled the Tamiya glos just enough to leave the sheen I was looking for... So I left it like that. I did spray some Flat clear (Vallejo Air) over the de-icer boot and front anti-glare panel. I left the radar cover as-is. I cut a thin strip of Bare metal foil flat aluminum for the distinctive CF-100 radar to fuselage metal border. I dulled it a bit with some flat clear.That will be pretty much it for painting and weathering.

Will get to work on attaching the remaining bits...






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Thanks Emil,

I actually like the challenge, yes it is a lot of work, and time, but very rewarding in the end. It does not take that much skill, but a lot of patience and self-control to pace your self, plan ahead correctly and accept to re-do stuff until it looks good. The Bare-Metal foil strip on the radar took about two periods of hockey to finish, cut four times, applied three times, not long enough, too crooked, etc.. There is still a lot to be done on this guy...

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Nice build, you did a great job on this one. The weathering is nice and subtle.

I built the 1/48 version of Hobbycraft's CF-100 (not near in your class of build) and chose to do 440 Sqn. 18403 as it was lost in a crash 13MR59 while flying out of Zwaibrucken.

Interestingly F/O Gord Larkin and Gord Murray were flying 18403 at the time and had to eject (and did so successfully)... apparently it wasn't the first time for this crew. If my references are correct, they may be the only crew to have twice ejected together from a fighter aircraft!

I believe the other aircraft they successfully punched out of (on 23JL56 ) was 440 Sqn. 18334 while based out of Bagotville.

Now I don't know whether they are both lucky or unlucky with a record like that but it is one heck of a way to get into the record books.




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My plan is to use the Astra Vac kit along with the Obscureco Resin set..... will start that soon.

Have decals from Canuck and I'm hoping to do a MNF bird.

Very good pointers Yves.

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Sweating the small stuff...

This is the part of the build I dread the most, when you can see the end... and I have to pace myself not to rush to the finish... Some of the toughest modelling I believe... Fitting the landing gear correctly, painting the barber pole pitoy and gluing it level, paintnf the canopy, fiiitng the seats and control columns, fitting the gear doors... all these things have to be aligned, level, etc..

The previous pics were all taken on my workbench with the two lights I have there, the results are OK but I need a better set up for the finished model since it is likely to end up in an IPMS Canada magazine article (RT) at some point. The camera is a cheap 10 year old Canon A580 point and shoot, set on aperture priority F8.0 for maximum depth of field, on a mini tri pod, set at 2 sec delay with spot focus and fluorescent lights setting. Kid's stuf...


To "relax", I set up my photo studio...


My workbench:


I will post some model pics later tonight, got watch the football game now ...

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Well, I have hit a small hiccup... When I tried out the main gear, I found that the model had about a 20 degree nose up attitude !!! Can't have that, so I had to elongate the main struts by about 1/8". The exact lenght was determined by making some dummy legs out of hollow tubing and trimming them until the stance was satisfactory. The length was measured with a vernier caliper and transferred to the real model legs by adding the same type of tubing and checking with the vernier... Now I hope my gear doors are long enough... I also made a tail light out of clear sprue.




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... done for now because there are a few things left and some I do not like... the exhausts are too large, I already cut some smaller tubing and I am missing three static discharges on each of the tanks... the only other thing that is itching me are the formation lights on each of the tanks, I will likely make a decal for these... I see that some of the Krystal Klear holding the canopy has not dried yet

Anyway, hope you like it anyway, here she is...











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