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Mk.1 Male WW1 tank

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After completing the Masterbox Mk.1 "female" build a month or so ago, I made a start on the Mk.1 "male".

As per usual the kit parts are easy to work with though needed a little more clean up than the Mk.1 "female" version.

The plastic is brittle and parts need careful removal from sprues. I was prepared for parts that had broken building the "female" version and this again occurred, even after I took more care.

There is a little distortion of the vinyl tracks which appears to be slight mis-mould. Once painted however, it is not as noticeable.

I chose to use Vallejo English Uniform as recommended in many discussion groups in preference to the much darker chocolate brown colour in the Mig WW1 armour set.

In contrast to my earlier rather muddy Mk1 Female build, this build will be a dusty one.

The two images taken with my iPhone show my build halfway through weathering.



I have also started work on an AB Miniatures six figure 20mm WW1 tank crew set released by Eureka Miniatures here in Australia. Below is an iPhone image of three of the set showing progress so far.

These have been painted using Vallejo paints using blending methods to highlight the very nice detail in each figure.

The iPhone camera really shows up the most minute flaws but to the Mk.1 eyeball, they look really nice and I am quite happy so far. Bit more work on each and then it is on to the base and final work on the Mk.1 Male.

Sorry they are not as in focus as they should be, but 20mm is pretty small to take pics of with an iPhone :)


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"Righto chaps, gather round!"

Managed to finish my Masterbox 1/72 WW1 Mk.1 "male" heavy tank.

I added all the groundwork to the base and blended in the standing figures. I was concerned about the bloke on the sponson's "sit" so did some self testing on a couch arm to see if indeed, there was a bit of "open air" at the rear between posterior and surface being sat on, especially with the lean to his left. Indeed there is!

Here are three iPhone pics to show the end result.




and a bit of editing and aging...


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