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FM Millennium Falcon on sale for $25 at HLJ

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I've never tried to purchase anything from Hobby Link Japan, but when I saw they had the 1:144 Falcon on for $25 I couldn't pass it up. Even after shipping it's still less than half the cost of buying it in the store.


I missed out on the 1:72 edition and can't see myself ever getting one given their prices are now hitting the $500 mark. So this little one, at an appropriate price, will have to do.

What's the consensus on HLJ?

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They're probably the biggest on-line shop for model-related stuff out there. And toys/collectibles from Asian manufacturers. Your order will be fine.

I'm tempted by the 1/144 FM kit (and was tempted by the 1/72 release), but I know Bandai will get around to it soon, and the new Bandai kits seem to be getting even better reviews than Fine Molds.

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Great buy! Keep us posted --- a week or two is all it took for a previous purchase with them -- I think I chose EMS and had to pay import duties at the post office. This little model's detailing is a sight to behold. I made a few mods - cutting off and adjusting the angle of the mandibles, modding some piping, and slapping on Scratchy's glassless canopy -- but OOB the model is really awesome.

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