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AZ's little Grunau Babys (Out of Box)

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Normally, when I build planes, they’re either weird, obscure, or very powerful. I generally eschew the common planes in the world; I figure everyone else will cover those. This, though, is an exception to all of those general rules.

The Grunau Baby IIb is one of the most prolific gliders of all time, and has trained pilots the world over, throughout the ages. I have read about them, but I’d never seen a kit of one, until I managed to win this two-pack of AZ Models Babys at the Heritage Con show in Hamilton, Ontario.

They may not be as flashy as what I normally build, but they look cool. Check out the Out of Box review of this interesting little model here!


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Thanks, man! I appreciate the compliment.

It is a very nice looking little kit, or kits, whatever... I've never had an AZ before, but after this, I will definitely be keeping an eye out for them!

It's actually on my bench now; I've spent the better part of 4 hours sizing up and making custom decals for it; Nazi tail bands are NOT easy to make in Word, let me tell ya!

There's a reason for the custom decals, but that'll be in the finihsed review! :)

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