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Wolfpak Decals2014 December Release

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Hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays. Here’s the December release from Wolfpak Decals:

Sheet 72-079 – A F-4C SHEHASTA of the 12th TFW and Cam Rhan Bay starts off the sheet followed by an A-6A from VA-75 the Sunday Punches from 1965. The next subject is a F-111A of the 430th TFS at Takkli RTAB. The F-4E known as Chico the Gunfighter is next. To round out this sheet is a SP-5B Marlin from VP-40 also stationed at Cam Rhan Bay. Additionally this Marlin was the last flying boat in U.S. Navy service.

Sheet 144-002 – The first subject on this sheet is a HU-16B from the Maryland ANG, followed by options for either a KC-135R from Kadena AFB or a KC-135T from Fairchild AFB. The next subject is a KC-10A from Seymour Johnson AFB. Markings for the EP-3E from the Hainan Island incident or a P-3C of VP-46 are the next subjects. To go with the latest 1/144 scale release from Roden markings for an AC-119K are included. The final subject on this sheet is a C-130 Blind Bat aircraft.

Sheet 12-14, Is may complementary sheet. To get this sheet you need to purchase $30.00 or more in decals (not including shipping) and I will send you this sheet. Thanks for your patronage this year. The subjects are a QF-104A, an A-10A with the Fairbanks starburst maekings, a CH-47F in the new desert camouflage color, a F-101B from the Nevada ANG, and a special ops C-123K Duckhook aircraft.

Decals are in and the website will be updated as soon as Yahoo resolves a technical issue with the website hosting service. I’ll let you know when that happens with a post.


Mark S.




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I welcome the subject matter and choices but, how about a 1/72 GUNSHIP sheet? Lord knows, there has been damn near nothing (yes I am including the lousy sheet from Microscale!) as the AC-119K has been poorly served. Having POLISH CANNON, FLY UNITED amonst others would be terrific! Kinda makes you realize why you rarely see them built, huh?



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The website is updated and the buttons are hot.

FWIW Yahoo wasn't helpful in resolving the issues with their website builder software. Customer service was poor. The reason the site has been updated is that I went ahead and based on error messages found the issue. That issue is that the new release of their website builder works with only one release of Java and it isn't the currrent release. Go figure!

Remember you need to order $30 with of sheets to get the Thank You one.

Happy New Year,

Mark S.

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