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Quickie: Finishing coat stage: Is Tamiya TS-80 Flat Clear Spray OK?

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Hi guys I'm at my final finishing coat stage for my F-15E. I tried the Future + Tamiya Flat Coat airbrushing lately and it caused frosting. It took me some efforts to restore the plane but I restored it again, and also had a coat of Future on top of the plane which makes it really shiny. This coat of Future also happened to seal down the decals that were not affected when I restored the plane. A few decals were damaged so I reapplied those after I applied that Future, which meant most of the decals are sealed by Future while a few were applied after the Future and thus unprotected. Anyways of course now I am finishing it off, so I asked my local model store guy and he said I can use a can of Tamiya TS-80 Flat Clear for finishing coat, which also can flatten out the currently-glossy plane. While I mostly trust him, this is again my first time doing this, so I don't

want any surprises and redo my plane again.

Anyways so I want to confirm if this is going to be safe and OK with you guys. Any advice, suggestions, PRECAUTIONS, etc?

Another thing is if I use something else like Mr Hobby Top Coat or something, will that work?

I hope I hear from you guys soon because I'm flying on Tuesday and I'm just waiting for what you guys have to say before I spray then start doing other more important things. The last thing I'd want is my plane to F up again.


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The problem you might face is the likelihood of frosting again. Frosting occurs when too much Flat coat is laid down at once and the result is that it dries from the outside in rather the inside out, if that makes sense. As with every aerosol the only control you have on the amount of spray is your finger and it is very tricky to get right. Try practicing on a piece of cardboard until you get the feel for the aerosol. When it comes to spraying the model mist the flat coat on keeping the coats light, keep the aerosol/hand movement across the subject at the same speed, beginning and continuing the movement off the model.

It's best to lay down at least 3 coats of Flat and rubbing down with at least 4000 grit abrasive between each coat.

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