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I'm doing a Revell 1/144 747 in the old TWA colors. I just got my decals from Fling Colors and it calls for Corrogard color, what paint should I use for this color? I'm also going to use Haze Gray for Boeing Aircraft Gray, am I in the ballpark with this shade for the Gray. Thanks, Rob


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I think it use to be Canadian Voo Doo gray for Boeing gray---16515? I use

flat aluminum for coruguard. HTH---John

I just read Mr Color 338 is a good replacement for Voo Doo gray.Give it a look.:)

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Corogard changes shade depending on the lighting and age of the paint.

I have used Tamiya Metalic grey for it in the past, there are corogard decals around as well.

I suppose you use what you think looks right to you. Perhaps check out a few pictures on the net to see how much it changes.

Testors do a Voodoo Grey (John is correct, it is FS16515 and equivalent to BAC707 Boeing Grey) and Xtracolor do Boeing Grey in their range. Humbrol 147 is another match.

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Haze grey is too dark and too cool. You want a VERY pale grey, slightly warm.

Coroguard? Lots of options. Most any mix of metallic+grey will be "in the ballpark". For an early 747, I'd go quite warm. Like steel or even bronze mixed with silver and grey.

Pure metallic or pure grey is too extreme for coroguard.

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