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  1. 1. What form should The Scale Viper Volume II take?

    • A simple re-print of the first book
    • The same book with all of the original content, but with additional F-16 models not included in the first volume?
    • A completely new Scale Viper with new models and other new content?

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Got the first one and it would be an awesome addition to have a second with totally new content/subjects/methods.....

You could also get Volume one reprinted for those that missed out....



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You know I thought about it and went with the majority. With the changes since the first one, and the great way you guys developed the Hornet Guide, I am sure there should be enough material to creat a whole new book. The hornet guide is a blockbuster. I love the completed pieces of inspiration!


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I'd like to see a whole new book with late block Viper builds. Do a new Viper book with the first 20 pages all reference material with the latest Block Vipers and builds of them. Love everything you guys have done.


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Reprinting the first one is like printing money. You've already done all the work compiling photos, helpful text, layouts etc. A new volume would only highlight additional builds without adding any new value (IMO). Also, the only significantly new kit to have been released is the 1/72 Tamiya, hardly justifies a new volume. Just reprint it as a 2nd edition.

If you want to do another "In Scale" book then target another aircraft - F-4, F-14, F-15, even F-22. That would be like printing money too, just more work than reprinting the Viper book.

Hell, reprint the Viper book as is AND cover another subject aircraft in a new book. And another. And another. And... you get the idea. :)

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Without having the first one in front of me to verify, I would say touch on models of different users (I can't remember if there were Israeli or Polish or Greek aircraft). And of course, more 1/72! :thumbsup::monkeydance:

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It would be really hard to decide so I didn't post a vote since I would like to have the original and a new book also. I am really enjoying The Scale Hornet!

Ok I voted but, it is still not an easy choice. I would purchase whatever content you would choose to include to be perfectly honest and I would still probably still long for a first edition copy.

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I've never seen the Scale Viper, but, having bought the Scale Hornet, I just know it will be great regardless. I'm currently working an early Netz from the Academy kit, updating with leftover Tamiya bits. So I'm hoping for some Netz coverage, and Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment...

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I like that idea. Seeing how features are modeled on different aircraft is more informative than seeing the same features modeled on the same aircraft. Examples: the metal areas on F-4s, A-4 & F-5 aggressors, A-10s thru the years... Pick a plane that was covered by many manufacturers so the models represent different kits.

Plus it opens up a plethora of book subjects.

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