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Kittyhawk F94C Starfire

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I just finished building that kit last month. First I will say it is the best 1/48th kit of the F-94C available (I know that does not mean much). The surface of the fuselage and wings had a pebbly finish while the smaller parts like the gear door and tail planes had a very smooth finish. It took a little extra work to get a nice smooth surface for the nmf. The engraved panels were a little light especially on the top and bottom of the fuselage. Fit was up to current standards, biggest area of concern is around the intakes. The cockpit is probably barren by most folks standards, but I don't fixate on that, most of my models are built closed up. There was no real way of securely posing the fuselage speed brakes open. These are all just small nits and overall I enjoyed building the kit and it looks like a Starfire on the shelf next to my Revell F-89D. I used the kit decals and they worked fine with GS Mr Mark Softer.

Hope this helps

Geoff M



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Wow. THANKS for the link - I missed that one. Beautiful job.

Looks like I need to check out "The Display Case" forum. Where do you post your in-progress?

Thanks! I didn't post anything in-progress- only the finished model.

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