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Hi, this is what I found :

Zvezda's pros :

- much better moulding quality, no flash

- much more accurate nose section

- cockpit

- more detailed ldg/brakes (the nose ldg is, however, fragile)

- separated slats/flaps/rudder

- much more accurate & detailed CFM engines

- accurate flap track canoe fairing setting (Revell's represents an A321 setting on their A319 & A320 kits)

- overall, IMHO a much more pleasant building experience

Revell's pros :

- their V2500s look more accurately shaped but I still need to compare with photos

- more detailed main ldg wing bays

- a bit more recessed detailing on the belly

- better sized & shaped pax windows

- as usual beautiful decal sheet (but Zvezda's are an improvement over their previous crap)

To me, Zvezda wins because I have lots of Revell spare V2500s (in case it is really better than Zvezda's), main ldg wing bay details are easily created, belly recessed details are easily added, pax windows I will use realistic decals & I still have loads of Revell decal sheets.

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I still prefer the Revell kit as it includes a wonderful decal sheet with all the little details that make a model stand out. Building the Zvezda-kit in clean (flaps up) configuration would be challenging as you end up with minor steps at the spoiler panels' trailing edges.

So, yes, the Zvezda kit IS a very nice one looking at the photos but I don't see any reason to throw my Revell's out.

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If you build it gear-up and use decal windows, is there any reason to go with the Revell?

If modellers are price sensitive, the Revell kit is a good choice but of course it depends where the kit is purchased. And TheFlyingDutchman is correct, Revell decal sheets are obviously better than Zvezda's.

For me, it's all the way Zvezda.

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