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This is the semi official group build guide lines rules and such for the Search and Rescue group build on ARC.

Group build begins January 1st 2015 and ends six months later June 30 2015.

Any airplane, boat , truck or what the heck ever whose MAIN purpose is rescuing people.

This means, any airframe whose primary job is rescuing people, has a causality evacauation capability. Such as a Huey equipped with litters and medical equipment.

Any airframe whose main job is to aid the search of people. Preferably with SAR markings such as a SAR Lancaster with great big RESCUE painted on the side or red cross. (for example)

Any airframe modified for the SAR job, an example would be a CC-130 Herc with the jump door replaced with the search bubble as used by 424 SAR squadron.

CSAR airframes whose MAIN job is the rescue and removal of the injured. That means the helicopter has stretchers and med kit aboard. It might have a M-60 hanging out the door but an airframe with side mounted rockets, 10 machine guns and nuclear bombs would not be primarily tasked as the SAR airframe.

An A-1 Skyraider with 16 250 lb bombs is not a SAR airframe. Did it help in the process? Yes. Did it have a medic on board to deal with injuries? No.

A fire truck. Yep. Might carry a para medic and I never met a fire dept. yet that did not have advanced first aid training.

A ambulance. Yep, goes with out saying an ambulance , military or civi is good.

A water bomber, yep. Its main job is putting out fires so people and property can be rescued. It does not do "suppressive fire". Also adds colour to the GB.

An F-16 doing orbiting patrol? Nope. F-16s have a heck of a time rescuing people while launching Sidewinders.

A Sea King on plane guard duties. Yep. Main job is to pick up downed fly guys.

Standard requirment. A thread with the model before you start, during and finish. Model must be fresh out of the box or VERY lightly stated. Like JUST the cockpit or some other minor assembly. Any after market you want. Any markings. What ifs are welcome but we would prefer semi realsitic. No Starship Enterprises with red crosses on the side. Of course you COULD do the USS Pasture.

As of now we do not have any sponsors. IF you want to sponsor that would be great and we can do up a banner with your name on it. But please remember any sponsor is going to need to mail out the prizes themselves after they are drawn. My last GB had me mailing stuff across oceans and got kind of expensive.

So, get some colour on your shelves and do a model.

And we're off..... if all else just enjoy the GB..

Start a topic for your build with start up proof of build pictures..... and then try to finish.... I'm one to talk but I did finish one once.

On behalf of phantom and myself welcome aboard!

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