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What you going to Build EH?....

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I will be a late joiner after my Star Wars gb things are done. I have collected most things I need I think, and will be building the 1/32 Hasegawa Fi 156C Storch with skis. I will convert it into the medevac D model, requiring modification to the clear parts, fuselage and interior, but hopefully still pretty easy due to the nature of the Storch simplicity.

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For me.

CH-149 Cormorant . Airfix 1/48 kit with Belcher conversions.

CH-118 Huey. Red and white from the 70s.

CH-46 Pt Maugo or Pensacola.

Adding as the other 3 are done, HH-60H OOB.

And now an H-34. RCAF.

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I'm in with the hopes of actually finishing something. Plan on doing the Monogram 1/72 SA-16 Albatross. Was planning on doing the SAC markings from the SuperScale 72-184 sheet but not 100% certain now. Have seen some Albatross's that were ADC grey.


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I'm in for a Westland Seaking Mk.48 of the Belgian Search and Rescue service at Koksijde.

The RS04 as on the pictures.

Using the Hasegawa 1/48 seaking AEW.Mk.2a box with a lot of extra's.

Daco decal sheet.

Montex mini mask

Flightpath seaking conversion set.

Cutting edge sponson and radome set

Eduard cockpit set.

And a lot off scratchbuild.


As a Search and Rescue Medic on duty, I took some pictures with the actual helo.






I'm a very slow builder so hopefuly done before end of june???

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I have a heart for brits and that want me to start with a Wessex HU.5 from Italeri in 1/48. Not decided about the version yet and the Xtradecal sheet gives me some more nice options. But of course it will be a "rescue" chopper!

The kit should be very nice to build what i have read yet. Only the decals should be goofed by Italeri: some are under-/oversized!! Huhhh...I hope that will not be too serious!?

Let's see if I want to fold the rotor (at least I could do with the rotorfold set).


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Is it too late to join? I mostly lurk the main page, but saw this GB in the sidebar.

I started Gallery's US Navy Rescue H-34 (HSS-1N) in January and posted some WIP's over in HS. If there are no objections, I would love to join.



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