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Amodel 1/144 Grumman Albatross HU-16E USCG

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Cool looking Albatros.

I have one in the stash along with a nice decal sheet with some exotic options. May I ask why did you paint it Chrome before applying white paint?

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I had learned to use a silver under gloss white to hide coverage issues. However, that was before I started using some Mr. Color, their gloss white (#1) in this case. I really like the way the Mr. Color gloss paints go down once you learn to do it correctly by building it very slowly They're amazingly smooth! Plus, being lacquer based, they dry in a flash.

I've got a Revell 1/144 SpaceShipTwo and White Knight Two in the stash, I'm going to just go with Tamiya White Fine primer and the Mr. Color Gloss White.

Having written all that, one effect of the Alclad undercoat was a really cool silver line once I carefully cut away the cockpit glass masks. It really looked like it could be the glazing frame. I may experiment with that some to see if I can get a good effect there...

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