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F-4E/TM 112Filo Done!!!

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I started this one for the "Phantom Addicts Anonymous GB" which ran March 1st 2013 - September 1st 2013, but for reasons I stranded halfway.

This GB is a good motivator to get this one done though! I've thought about using this one for an other project, but since I like the decals so much, I'll press on and try to get it done as planned.

This is what I've started off with:


And this is what I have in mind:


The start up untill where left off in April 2013 can be found here.

So far I managed to get some stuff done such as painting these burnercans. They still have to be polished will get some weathering, but at least today I got something done :D/>/>/>


The slats which I made from resin need some work, I added some putty, but checking references it seems I added too much... So some sanding has to be done..


Just to give you an idea of where I left off, here's some pics:




I think 6 months is a fair time to get this one phinally done ;)/>/>/>



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Thanks guys!

It's time for a small update I guess...

I do not want to overload this jet with weaponry (which seems impossible with a fox2 only Phantom), and keep it somewhat realistic. Therefor picked a ACMI antenna from the Hasegawa weapons box and casted a travelpod (I think the original is from PP Aeroparts). Both still need some work, but just a quick snap o show some of the progress;


The aftermarket wheels also need a little bit more attention (and holes!), but are close to be done;


For the slimelights I will not be using any decals, but will use the Eduard PE. Unfortunately all of them were completely bend in the original package, so I had to do my best to try to get them into the original shape again. I used some masking tape to simulate the decals and to figure out how to position them. I hope that once painted, they wont stick out that much. Also after paint I'll try some Revell night color on them, just to see if this really gives a nice effect..



Thanks again for looking into this!

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About time for an update here....

I have been struggling with the aftermarket pitot tubes.. I've got a 6mm drill, but drilling a 6mm (or even smaller) hole on the edge off the fin seems to be impossible... Reason is not just the position and angle, too the molded pitot that I've cut from the model makes that the structure is ideal to drill in (drill will drift...).

So I guess I'll have to cut a peace of the new pitot and glue it to the jet. Food for thought for my next kit, to make sure I figure this before I cut pieces off and glue body parts together...

This is where I left of:


Then I pored some new air scoops from resin, a process that didn't succeed the first time. Since in this scale these things are so small, I needed several a temps and had to do some filling and sanding on these fragile parts..

Hope you get the idea comes somewhat out of the pictures;



Since I've been out of the business for over a year, pre-shading was a good practice to regain some skills (...) on the airbrush...



I still have to do the top side, that will come later this week. At least I have some color now on this jet!!

I cheated a bit with the pre-shading. I used Gloss Black Base from Alclad, this paint sprays very easy and does not require mixing/thinning...

More to follow, thanks for watching!!

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Entering the weekend well prepared;



Maybe the pre-shading is "a bit" overdone, but I think it will work out... Unless something else comes on my path, I should be able to get at least one color painted this weekend. There are some details I figured I have to deal with first though...

Also I got the typical blade antenna done. For X-mass I got a Dremel tool which came handy cutting it from some PE leftovers...

Hopefully more this weekend, thanks for watching!

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A small disaster here...

While painting some loose parts, the paint did not what it was supposed to do.. For some reason the paint did not want to cover and acted as if the surface was greasy (even though it was cleaned be fore painting)..

I was using Gunship Grey from Extra color (X130) and thinned it 1/1 with Humbrol Enamel Thinner, a combination which normally works fine for me. WhenI saw it happening I added few drops of alcohol to the paint, trying to break the surface tention of the paint. It helped a bit, but the result was not satisfactional... Seems I have some puzzling to do before I start painting the jet it self.. Maybe reclining all parts will help, maybe adding a drop of soap to the paint mixture will help!?

Anyways, this is what happened, dunno if the pics are clear enough though...



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About time to get some paint on this kit!

I've always learned to start with the lighter color, so that's what I will do. Now, this is the first time I spray a camo that has hard lines, and therefor I mask in between paint jobs. I am very curious what the result will be! I'm a bit afraid that with the masking the lines between colors will be quit hard...


The lighter color is Natural Grey (X133/FS16270) which I scaled down by adding a few drops of white. I the past I've noticed that scaling down greens resulted in colors looking alike. In this case I did not spray a test strip, so I'm curious what the overall result will be.. Too, this appeared to be very "greasy" which might be caused by thining it with Humbrol Enamel Thinner, but it also might be the paint it self.. So here too, I added some drops of alcohol and sprayed very carefully and in many layers..

This is how far I've got:




Thanks for watching!

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We're getting somewhere;




Even though this kit is pretty shiny, I still need to spray some gloss coat. The surface of the paint is not too smooth, so hope a coat will enable the decals to seal.

Though I could have done better, I'm not to disappointed wit the result, it's been nearly 2 years since I last touched my airbrush.

After all this time, I can't believe it's almost decal time!


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Well that's what I tried to explain... As you see the model on the pics; there is no coat!!

I did a coat afterwards to smoothen out the surface..

For that coat, I used Gloss Cote from Humbrol, which was somewhat a disaster. The coat did not dry fast, and remained somewhat sticky afterward.

Than the real disaster happened; the decals... The decals are very thin, which makes a setting solution obsolete. The left side sharkmouth went traveling without me noticing. I think water got stuck over the gun nozzle and later lifted the decal again and set it overnight in a wrong position.. The day after I noticed and tried to get the decal off, though water nor the setting solution helped.

As said, the coat remained a bit sticky, so when using tape to get the decal off this is what happened;



The paint came off!!!

Since I was sure repainting would give color difference (because I also used white to scale down the paint), I decided to mask the pannels, and making it look like the panels had been replaced.


Luckely I had spare decals, but the result of the repainting is not the best...

Today I sealed the decals and start painting the slimelights using Revell Night Color. This I use not so much because it glows in the dark, but for me the color looks realistic. This stuff is quit thick and needs some water to make it brushable.

Stuff still needs to dry till can start working the weathering and post shading.

The result so far;



Thanks for looking!

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I am getting close to start assembling the missing parts..

I've done some weathering to this kit, but it did not work out as nice as I hoped it to do... To make things worse, I've been a bit over confident in using the Tamiya Smoke spray..

The result is clear, there is dirt but just too much.. With the coat issues I was having i don't even dare and try to get it off again... So I'll just leave it as is...





I hope that after half a flat coat the Smoke will fall in to the the paint a bit..

I used some flat black too, this time not to much;



So as said, this for sure will not be my best kit ever, but I still have some hope the result will be somewhat satisfying..

Thanks for watching!

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The gunnozzle's egde was broken off when I opened the kit. I glued it and carried on... Well, after painting it happened again...

This time I can't find the missing piece, so all I figured I could do was filling the holes with putty, sand it and hopefully I'll manage to drill a realistic hole again..



An other thing that went not as planned was the masking of the wheel wells.. Since this thing has been laying around for a while, and liquid mask was already aged, makes that this stuff doesn't want to be removed...


Well, guess 'll be busy for a bit...

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Phinaly was I able to get rid of some loose part laying around!

First the gear got fitted in position before adding some PE;


Then the paint work was touched up a bit. I guess I still was a little bit to enthousiastic using Tamiya Smoke, but all in all I am happy with it;




Still some tough om work on the paint to be one;


Thanks for watching!

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Thanks chaps!

Well, it's phinally finished!

I had to made up my minds about these;


First I wanted to go with grey, then I figured the blue would make more cense (and look better), but then the decals went traveling...

Guess eventually I'll cut off the fins from a AIM9 and replace the pod, since that is what pics are actually showing to me..

Here is the result:






Hope you like it!!



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