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I have been waiting to build this monster sized helo since fellow GB mod Elmo told me he was getting us a deal. He picked up two Airfix 1/48 EH-101 and I bought the two Belcher Bits conversion sets. Then gave Elmo a little money to make up the difference.

Then the models sat on our stash piles until today. No doubt Elmos shall continue to sit a while longer.monketdance4.gif Hey!!! Elmo remember that Harrier mini group build we or should I say I did a number of years back?deadhorse1.gif

Anywho......here is the kit. After I took down the Christmas lights and tossed the tree I had banking groceries and taking the boss out shopping. Which gave me two hours to myself to get as far as I did.



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The Belcher Bits is really nice but you need to add many of the details yourself. Like supports for the chairs.


Took around 4 hours to get this far.

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Well, I am trying something different from yours. I have the main body all cut and re-painted. Figure this ought to make any masking errors not as visable. We shall see how the windows fit next as they have to be in before the entire body is sealed up.


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Well. got the body one the starboard side no problem. Had to hold the nose for 30 minutes till the glue set.

Port side was a bugger. Untill I took off the body and filled down the fuel points NOTHING would fit. With the fuel points filed it fit.

Then once it was nice and glued with another 30 minutes of holding I noticed I made a BIG error. I forgot to cute out an inner window. So I ripped off the Belcher conversion of the missing window. Hacked a hole out with a dremel and then put the wall back on.

Not a perfect fit but its better.



Seems I am missing one of the inner engine parts. Rather large and noticeable so I will figure out a fix Saturday for my next day off.

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Its not like the Belcher Bits conversion instructions are not good. They clearly marked it. Say, did you notice there is not enough square windows to do the door?

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I have got to get better glasses one year. This blur is a piece of paper bent to form the new engine inlet.


Which looks like this when complete.......


Here is a better shot of the paper back.


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Interesting to see your and bikerider's progress with this kit. I haven't committed myself to this beast yet although it would make a nice addition to my CH-113 in SAR markings. When the dust has settled (literally) I'll be interested in seeing whether the you'd do it again...

So far so good, although for a moment there I thought I needed to get my eyes checked as things were blurry, but that was you, that time. :)/>



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