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1/72 Italeri Su-34

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Back when I was a kid I bought myself an Italeri Su-34, unfortunatly, before it was completed it was knocked off the shelf. The glue I've been using at the time wasn't strong and my model dissassembled into million pieces. Some parts were lost never to be found.

Well... several years have passed and I felt the urge to finally do the Su-34. I started it around october 2013 along with my other Sukhois I've been making at the time. I wanted to detail this one a bit. So I fitted it with a closet ;) I've added the Pavla resin cockpit, changed the instrument panel by adding displays, and opened the doors leading to the cockpit. This required making some form of compartment that's aft of the cockpit. Bear in mind, this part is purely made up by me. Not much is to be seen on the completed model.


Here's the cockpit finished. I'll have to make the doors from scratch, I don't like the gap.


Sorry for the dust, there were taken back in january just before I ceased work on this one.


I've also tried detailing the window framing.




Here's the beast right now. I've changed the kit vertical stabs with Italeri Su-27.



On the topside I'll have to change some panel lines - a task I hate. I'm going to see if there's more detail to be added to the topside.

Underside requires a new centerline rack, chaff/flare dispensers under the sting. Plus some rescribing is in order. Man... somehow I'm scared sh...less of this one.

I'm leaning towards one of the greenish blue schemes, don't really like the new eggplant scheme. I have the authentic decals.

Oh, and I've replaced the kit muzzle with a small needle.

Thanks for watching, and please, keep Your fingers crossed!

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I have this same kit as yet unstated. I just think its a cool looking aircraft myself. I am looking forward to watching your progress. Great start :thumbsup:



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This weekend I've finally dusted the model off! Yeeey! ;)

I've managed to complete the centerline rack, and some topside rescribing. Also, a poor representation of blanked off chaff/flare dispensers had been made out of thin plastic. I still have some rescribing to do, as well as some sanding. But I'ts getting closer to the finish line ;)


and just for the fun of it, here's the pic with my last years Su-27 for comparison :)


Now the worst part will be to make the round antennae aft of the canopy.

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Sorry, no pics this time... I've rescribed some lines on the fuselage and added some detail to the engine nacelle sides. It just awaits for me to man up and finally paint it. And honestly, this step scares me. I have bought myself a set of AKAN paints dedicated for a SU-34, but somehow I'm not convinced about the accuracy. Or perhaps it's just an excuse not to finish my shelf queen ;)

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I've finally decided to build Red 04 and I was about to paint the Sucka... Without prior checking I've installed the wing fences in the wrong place, so I went on to check how much do I have to move them, or if I can live with inacurracy ;) I seriously have to start to pay more attention to my ref pics. My bird doesn't have them... yeeeey, lucky me :bandhead2: So now I just have to remove those fences, and I'm all set to go :) Gotta see how those AKAN paints handle themselves ;)


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I've also been found guilty of checking the refs and then ignoring them totally. Well... sometimes I'm just lazy. But luckilly not this time ;) The Beast is painted! :banana: :banana: :banana: Those Akan paints were just awesome! Pretty good match for the Su-34 distinctive colours, all they needed was few drops of white.


Of course, some paint was lifted. I don't use any primer, so it sometimes happen. To minimise potential damage I sand the entire model with very fine sandpaper. This way it's dulled down, and paint adheres more. Or so I keep telling myself. Truth to be told, since adopting this method I get less and less spots to repair after lifting the masking tape.



This is pretty much how the model looks, the paint has that distinctive greenish tint. I've masked the camo with rolls of blue tack. I really hate masking as it's very tedious and time consuming work for me. Still, it only took like 5,5 hours to mask and paint the model.


Now I'll drool over this paintjob for a day or two, and start decaling process. Most of the Authentic Decals I've used shattered in the water, so I have to coat them with some liquid decal film. One at a time...

Yup, I'm excited :D

Thanks for looking fellas!

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And so I was sitting over my Su-34 thinking "fffff stencils, all those fffff stencils, it's going to look soooo accurate when I apply all those stencils for placement which the instruction is... bad". That took me almost a month! In order to get my motivation back, I was looking at pics of the real Red 04 on airliners.net and I noticed... almost NO stencils. I imidiatly broke out my decaling kit, some warm water and started to apply decals. Few "no steps" here and there, some attachment point decals, fuel valve decals (or whatever they are) and intake and radar warning signs are all the stencils there seem to be on this jet. Sweet :D




Me thinks it came out pretty good :) Only issue I have, is with the fin decals. It seems the Sukhoi logo is about 30% too large. The tip of the stars on the fins should be paralel to the top of the rudder, but there's no way to achieve it. I don't really know, if the stars are too big, they seem fine to my eyes. So does the VVS ROSSIJA and registration number. It might be that these decals were sized for the kit parts, and I swapped them for the Italeri Su-27 fins, which are smaller.

I'm really getting there :D I'm in the process of preparing weapon stations. They need to be of the newer, solid variation.

I should also make some room on the shelf...

Thanks for watching fellas! :cheers:

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks Guys! I've finished my Fullback a few days ago. I just had to buy some more batteries for my camera ;)

Here we go :)


I've finally decided to arm her. Two R-73's and R-77's and their launchers are from ICM weapons kit. The fuel tank is from Dragon Su-24 :) It wouldnt fit so I've bent the wings a little. You can hardly see it anyway ;)


The base is A-4 sized Russian Tarmac from Steel Scorpion :)


The thing I'm least happy with are the exhaust.


I have to fix those right mlg wheels.

Whatever the case - It is done. After 20 months after I've started it. I guess I like it despite a few small mistakes.

One more of my modelling dreams is siting on my shelf :)

Thanks for stoppng by :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks a lot. It sure was fun building this beast! I'm pleasantly surprised how AKAN paints behaved, and I can recommend them to anyone wishing to paint their Su-34's :)

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