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My only finished kit on 2014.

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Hi all,

Last year was not a very productive year for me. I was able to build only one model, the Academy Su-27UB 'Flanker C' with Neomega cockpit set, Eduard missiles and wheels, Aires exhaust nozzles and pitot tube and Quickbooost antennas. Linden Hill decals were used from the 'Flankers on Patrol 3' sheet. Begemot decals were used for the stencils, a very comprehensive set that it's a must have for any Flanker project.

I scribed some panel lines non existent on the kit specially on the nose and below the tail fins.

I used Akan paints straight from the bottles except the dark blue which was mixed using Tamiya paints.

I hope you like it.

Comments welcome.












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Only one? I have none to share! Maybe because I just got started at the end of 2014 but, I may only have one for 2015. That Flanker is beautiful! The paint, the build! Now just put it in a dust free cabinet. Very inspiring! I have been trying not to get into Russian jets and your not helping! Haha.

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It's quality over quantity, and your one build is simply outstanding. Rock solid build, dead on paint scheme, and some very realistic weathering. No reason to apologize for just one completed model wen it turns out this good.


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