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A simple statement about group builds.

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A simple statement about Group Builds.

Group builds are easy and fun. Get some models out of the stash and on the shelf. Each person willing to volunteer to run the GB is doing it on their own time for no profit.

A couple guys who have done GBs , myself included, have had a problem of late. We search for sponsors who very kindly donate prizes in the theme of the group build. Sometimes participants win the prizes.

If for some reason you do not like the prize you win, say thank you and carry on. Do not ask the mod to give you something else. Please do one of three things.

1. Accept the prize and say thank you.

2. Say thank you and tell the mod " I do not see me using this prize please give it to someone else". This is at random If you want your prize to go to your buddy in Outer Mongolia take the prize as offered and forward it yourself.

3. Say Thank you, take the prize and do with it what you will. Its yours, give it away, use it, whatever.

Having three way deals with prizes on the GB mods time and money gets complicated. A couple of recent GBs have gone sideways regarding prizes. One, the prizes never materialized and that GB mod seems to have disappeared. On others people are complaining on the GB site about never building in the scale they won. Take the prize and deal it away on your own. Prizes are random. So you may not win what you want. You may win nothing at all. Just build the model and enjoy it. A prize is a BONUS.

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So being humble and refusing an award is bad ?

No, nothing wrong with that. With the Hornet GB I moderated, I drew for the prizes, and a few guys would pm me saying that they don't build in the scale that their prize is in, can I trade it for something else, etc. I had to do a bit of juggling of prizes just to try to accommodate folks, and it is extra work, that I really don't think needs to be done by the build moderator. In the end, some guys traded prizes and everything was settled, but it still made for extra work as I had to make sure everything was correct before emailing sponsors.

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I took up this hobby for relaxation and enjoyment ( a long time ago) I find the GB fun and interesting any prizes are a bonus and appreciated as are the efforts of those who organise them. To those who do organise thankyou and well done.

Martin H

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