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Dude, that's exactly what he did. Please do take a thorough look at the opening post.

And anyway, for someone who doesn't remember the last time he/ she watched that so called news channel, rest assured: you're wasting your energy defending any kind of principles in a discussion about that outfit. Not worth it :(/>/>

I suppose there is some truth to that. But he didn't start off by mentioning the reporter...he started off by mentioning Fox News. The reporter was sort of an afterthought. So based on that priority it was really directed at Fox News. In any event it doesn't change any points that were made.

And once again...I never defended Fox News. Please quote me where I did if you can. Or should I say "Dude, I never defended that outfit!"

Maybe you'd care to let us know what news source you recommend?

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I'm at the point now when I hear somebody bash Fox News I realize they're just announcing to the world that they are a liberal. Nothing more. <...>

Okay, lemme get this straight. When someone bashes Fox News, the only explanation is that they're a liberal. You know, this statement sorta puzzles me. Are you really suggesting that only liberals want fair and balanced news that are based on facts, not driven by some agenda? Are you suggesting non-liberals are okay with having the reporting equivalent of being p**sed in their pockets, but being told it was raining?

I mean, have or haven't Fox News reported that Birmingham is "all Muslim and non-Muslims simply don't go in"? Is this a pile of bull or is it not?

Have or haven't Fox News reported than solar power is feasible in Germany because Germany gets so much more sunshine than the US does? When in reality, the only places in the US that get less sunshine than all of Germany are Alaska and the eastern Washington State, while the rest of the US gets a lot more.

Has or hasn't a Fox News affiliate been found to edit protesters' chants to sound "kill a cop", when they were really chanting something else?

Have or haven't Fox News cut-off an interview with an eyewitness of the 2008 South Ossetian War for an important commercial break when they found the eyewitness' story didn't fit in with Fox News' view of the situation?


Does that sound like fair and balanced reporting to you? Or are they pushing some agenda? Ruling out the option that they're merely incompetent and just can't report any better. Again, do you think that only liberals want proper news? Everybody else is content with doctored news, "adjusted" to fit the network's view of reality?

That there are other "news" networks that are just as bad (or possibly even worse) doesn't excuse Fox News in the slightest. Fox News simply came up because it was them who "reported" that bull regarding Birmingham. Had it been any other "news" outlet, I'm sure Vince would've been as critical of it.

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