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I-15 I-153 kits in 1/72

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Been looking into aquiring some I-15-series and I-16-series kits in 1/72. ICM recently came out with an I-153 that is supposedly passably accurate. Have there been any other accurate releases of the I-15-series in the past few years? I've been to the VVS website were they discuss the shortcomings of the Amodel and Heller releases, but I thought ICM or Amodel had released a new mold of the earlier I-15s that was accurate (or, maybe I'm just confusing that with the ICM or Amodel I-16s where the earlier releases were inaccurate, but the newer releases are new or accurately updated molds). Either/Or, just hoping somebody can straighten me out on this (even after I did my own homework, nailed it down, only to forget what I learned and now can't relocate my original sources).

Thank you!

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I'm sure someone else with more info will chime in, but i think ICM did an I-15 in the late 90s and an I-15bis more recently. I've seen some comments about some details on the new ICM I-153 not being quite right, but the general view seems to be that it is pretty good. There is some discussion about it on the 72nd Aircraft Forum ( http://z15.invisionfree.com/72nd_Aircraft/index.php? )

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I have some of the Special Hobby/MPM/Azur I-15 kits and I think they are nice. I liked them better than the ICM kit.

But I have no drawings for the I-15 so accurate wise I don't know. To me they look good but I'm not an expert on this plane.


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ICM's kit of the I-15 is pretty good and accurate.

(I liked it well enough to buy a second one)

the I-16 kit is also quite good and makes a nice Type 28 from it.(also got two of those)

but , you can use the VVS website as a guide to convert it to another "TYPE" of I-16 if you want.

I don't have the new I-153 kit ,but I have read that it is good.

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